12 Days of Christmas WOD

12 Days of Christmas WOD

It’s an annual tradition for many CrossFit boxes to perform the 12 Days of Christmas WOD on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day itself. The movements will range from box to box, but the rules typically remain the same – complete the reps the same way you sing the song. So start at 1, then complete movement 2 following with movement 1 again, then 3-2-1, then 4-3-2-1 and so on until you complete the last round 12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. Sounds super fun, right!? Well, it is – until you get to about round 7…

At first glance the WOD doesn’t look like it’s that many reps. But when you sit down and do the math, you’ll end up doing a total of 364 reps! Rounds 6 and 7 sum up to the most reps completed for a given movement – 42 each as you’ll perform each of those rounds 7 and 6 times respectively.

The best part about the 12 Days of Christmas WOD is the fact that you know it’s going to be a grind. You’re going to dig deep, be out of breath and burn a ton of calories – which undeniably makes you feel a little better about any extra desserts on Christmas Day.

Here’s a Christmas wod we suggest you team up with a  partner on. You’re gonna need a cheerleader in your corner to get you through it!

  • 1 rep of snatch at 155 lb (105 lb women Rx)
  • 2 reps of ring muscle-up
  • 3 reps of front squat at 155 lb (105 lb women Rx)
  • 4 reps of push jerk at 155 lb (105 lb women Rx)
  • 5 reps of kettlebell swing at 55 lb (35 lb women Rx)
  • 6 reps of pull-up
  • 7 reps of burpee
  • 8 reps of pistol
  • 9 reps of sit-up
  • 10 reps of air squat
  • 11 reps of handstand push-up
  • 12 reps of thruster at 155 lb (105 lb women Rx)

Teams of 2; you go I go

Scaling options: Men 135/115 lbs. ; Women 95/75 lbs.


Comment below how you do or what you end up doing for your Christmas WOD!


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