A Coaching Call with Roz [Podcast EP 54]

A Coaching Call with Roz [Podcast EP 54]

In this podcast episode, Roz catches up with 3 of her clients on a coaching call. Join Roz, the Cardillo sisters and Patty as they chat about their weekly wins and how they manage their nutrition as an ongoing lifestyle for developing healthier eating habits.

Have you ever wondered what goes on during one of our coaching calls? Well stop wondering and start listening! Tune is as Roz catches up with 3 of her clients during a bonus coaching webinar…

Both Emily and Bridget have been working with Roz for the last 6 months. During that time summer happened! And like every other girl in their mid-twenties, they’ve attended an inordinate amount of weddings, plenty of weekends away, family vacations, bachelorette parties & weekends, business trips and week-night social occasions! In the past, any diet they’ve been on hasn’t lasted much longer than 30 days, as deviating from that diet’s restrictions would make them feel like failures. This time things are different!

Emily and Bridget have been following our lifestyle program, managing to balance their busy social lives and still make progress. Although they haven’t seen a huge change on the scale, they’ve been able to work through that frustration by taking regular progress pictures and have seen phenomenal progress in their body composition during this time. Emily is getting married in February 2019 and we know that if she keeps doing what she’s doing, she’s going to be looking and feeling her best by the time her special day comes around!

    Emily and her beau

Patty’s story is a little different. Patty had tremendous success after buying the Definitive Guide to Own your Eating. But then she hit a plateau and noticed her energy levels dropping at the gym. Patty got started with our lifestyle program about 3 months ago and during that time we’ve been gradually increasing her food through the reverse dieting process. Check out Patty’s recent 2 month progress update.

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