The Low-Down on Carb-Loading

If you take part in endurance related activities like cycling, swimming, cross-country skiing or marathon running, you will probably have heard of the term carb-loading (also known as carbo-loading or supercompensation). The more experienced amongst you likely already have your pre-race meals planned out to a tee and longingly anticipate your carb-loading stage as your grueling training program’s climactic reward.

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How to be a Spartan: 5 tips for optimum performance & success

So you’ve signed up for your first Spartan race, you got yourself a training program and you’ve succeeded in staying on top of it. That’s awesome! But what if I told you your training is just one piece of a larger more complex puzzle to achieving success?  What else should you be doing to optimize your performance and make sure all your hard work is not in vain? Check out my 5 top tips for your best spartan performance yet.

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