9 Ways to Maintain your Fitness Motivation

Feeling healthy all year round takes more than a fleeting commitment to get fit on January 1st. Sure, the initial motivation to “do something” along with the discount gym pass might propel you forwards for a few weeks, but what do you do when that motivation starts to wane? When your kids are sick, or you’re pulling all-nighters at work? When your alarm clock obnoxiously beeps in your ear at some hideous hour and its pouring outside, or your friends spontaneously decide to get drinks after work.

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Why Intensity Matters

Intensity is a bit of a buzz word and has become somewhat overused…this was intense, that was intense.  Really?  Was it?  Was your 2 mile stroll around the neighborhood intense because it was sunny out?  Or was it just hot?

Intensity should not be used just because you sweat, got your heart rate elevated, or became tired. Your intensity is a direct result of your power output.

Let’s dive deeper.

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What is Fitness?

Fitness for so many of us is a buzz word, we work out simply because we think we are supposed to.

But why?

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Boost serotonin and enhance your sleep with these simple practices

If you’ve already mastered your sleep ritual but you’re still not getting good quality sleep, you may be suffering from low levels of serotonin. By making some simple adjustments to your nutrition & lifestyle you can naturally elevate serotonin to help regulate your body’s sleep cycle and and achieve a restful night’s sleep.

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Is Sleep Affecting your Weight Loss?

Would you like to lose weight, have more energy, improve your memory, reduce your appetite, and improve your athletic performance? One simple change can help you to do all these things; getting more sleep.

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How Excess Sodium Affects Your Health and Weight

Sodium is a mineral that plays an important role in our health. In fact, even minor fluctuations can have a major impact on our bodies, so concentrations of sodium are tightly regulated by the body.

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Hydration & Weight Loss – Is water the key to losing weight?

There’s one really essential component of nutrition & health that often goes overlooked. Any ideas? It’s what most of us are not drinking enough of. WATER! Reports suggest that up to 75% of the American population fall short of their daily hydration requirement so we’ll hazard a guess and say that you’re probably not drinking enough either. Don’t worry, we weren’t drinking nearly enough in the beginning either!

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What is Fiber? – OYE Podcast – EP 34

What is Fiber?  How much do I need?

In this week’s episode Jason and Roz break it all down for you – pun totally intended! Here’s a quick summary of what we discuss:

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Food Matters | Why Quality Counts Part 2

If you haven’t already checked out my introduction to Food Matters – Why Quality Counts then go read Part 1 first.

…I had a pretty captive audience owning three CrossFit affiliates so more and more people started asking for my guidance with their nutrition. As I started helping more clients and friends, it became apparent to me, that people’s nutrition was more about fixing relationships with food than simply losing weight. Fixing that relationship & rectifying common misconceptions was actually the key to their success with weight loss.

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