Jeni Euler – March Lifestyle Member of the Month

Jeni Euler – March Lifestyle Member of the Month

Every month we choose one client out of hundreds who deserves some special recognition for their outstanding commitment and effort demonstrated in following our program. We are beyond excited to announce that our Lifestyle Member of the Month for March 2019 is Jeni Euler! Jeni has been following the Own Your Eating program on our Premium Lifestyle membership plan and working with our coach Mags. Before OYE Jeni admits that she tried Keto and that was terrible! Find out more about how Jeni is enjoying success and finally losing the excess weight she hasn’t been able to shift since having her son 6 years ago.


Lifestyle Member of the Month Inside Scoop

How long have you been working with Own Your Eating?

I started January 1st 2019. (Was not a New Year’s resolution)


What made you decide to give flexible eating a try?

I decided to try flexible eating after members at Train Harder were already doing the program. They spoke very highly of the program and it was apparent it was working great for them. I knew I wanted to start the program but had to budget in the extra expense. Jason did a couple seminars at our gym also. A little back story of me… I’ve always been active. I have a 6 year old son. Before pregnancy, I was lean and was able to eat whatever I wanted without having to think about love handles or fluff around the belly. After pregnancy I felt I could not shed the weight I gained from pregnancy. I am in law enforcement in patrol. I have tried a few “diets” in the past. Before OYE I tried Keto (that was terrible) and before then I did track and did macros but they were wrong numbers and I wasn’t accountable for my numbers.  


What was the hardest part when you started out and how did you overcome that?

The hardest part was getting back into tracking my foods and telling my friends and family I was working on better nutrition. I had to stop eating out as much because it was hard tracking the foods. Snacks were hard to overcome too. Still is. I like my snacks and sweets.


What is the one thing you’re most proud of?

The effort and commitment I’ve put in. I’ve gotten noticeable results in the three months I’ve been doing this. My body fat has deceased quite a bit, between February and March my body fat percentage dropped by 1.5% even though we continued to add more food to my day!  I’m happy with how I’m looking naked and my abs are really starting to come out!


What, in your opinion, has kept you consistent all this time?

My coach Mags and paying each month for the membership. Being financially invested definitely keeps me motivated! Mags has really helped me with my mindset, I have learned that even if I have a rough day and go over my macros I can forgive myself and just get back on track the next day. I like that when I tell my coach that I eat everything I possibly could because I was starving she doesn’t make me feel bad about it. Often times she ends up giving me an increase in macros! ?


What do you do for fitness?



What’s your stretch goal?

I’d like to be at 140 pounds with body fat of 14% and shredded! ☺️


What is your favorite food and why?

Cheese pizza, cinnamon toast crunch, OREOS. Because they are delicious.


What is your least favorite food and why?

Cucumbers and pretty much all veggies.  Never really liked veggies and rather eat Oreos or snacks!


What has been your biggest surprise about working with Own Your Eating?

The results came so quickly!


Would you recommend Own Your Eating to others and if so, why?

Absolutely, any time a friend/family asks about a “diet”. I tell them about OYE because it’s flexible.


If you’re looking for a nutrition program that is 100% sustainable, connects you with a community of others sharing in the same experience and rewards the effort you put in then look no further. Our amazing and experienced team of coaches are ready to help you get started.



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