Own Your Eating – EP 9 – Goal Setting

We get asked a lot about setting goals, not sure for your goal weight but for other areas of your life. In this week’s episode we dive into some tips and tricks about how to set your goals!

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Are all Carbs Created Equally?

Say what you will about carbs, they are necessary!

Most people are simply not educated on them.  In this quick tutorial, Jason explains Carbohydrates in a very simple and easy way.  

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Own Your Eating – EP 5 – Mindset

Jason and Roz dive headlong into mindset. From mantras to the Reticular Activating System, mindset and positive talk plays a huge role in success on your nutrition journey.

To learn more about the Reticular Activating System, watch Jason discuss

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Gun to Your Head

Have you ever woken up with a gun pointed at you? Let me tell you about the time this happened to me.

If you’ve never lived in upstate New York in winter then you’re missing out. Just kidding! It’s cold as

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Comfort Zones

This is outside of my comfort zone.

My comfort zone consists of my house, my bed, my normal foods.
It definitely does not consist of traveling around the country, sleeping in different beds, unsure of what I’m going to eat

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