Low Carb Açaí Bowl [Recipe]

Low Carb Açaí Bowl [Recipe]

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone tell me that they don’t eat carbs but then I’ll see them happily munch their way through an açaí bowl. People who don’t track their food don’t know any better but if you do track your macros, you’ll know just how calorically dense these bowls can be! What you probably thought of as being super healthy and good for you, you’ve now discovered is often super high in sugar and can easily set you back 100 grams carbs or more!

Now I love fruit and açaí bowls happen to be one of my all time favorite snacks. But I’ve gotten a lot smarter about how I can get all the nutritious benefits of one of these delicious bowls, without it amounting to a 600 calorie meal.

Check it out. This Açaí bowl I had at Nekter Juice Bar in Santa Monica. I tried to pick carefully and thankfully they did have some of their nutrition information online and in the app, but even this bowl came to 440 calories, with 70 grams carbs!

Nekter Superfood Acai Bowl

I try to steer clear of ordering these bowls when I go out, unless the nutrition information is in the app, because the macro content can vary dramatically between them all. So I was super stoked when I recently came across these awesome Sambazon packs in Whole Foods. Not only are they unsweetened, but they also have 12g of plant protein in them!

It’s been hot as hell in Florida lately despite it being fall already so a super refreshing protein packed açaí bowl makes for a perfect post-workout snack!

Sambazon acai

Here’s all you need to make a super tasty and macro friendly açaí bowl. Feel free to add any additional ingredients for toppings like raspberries, flax seed or cacao nibs for that extra crunch! ?

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Acai bowl

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