Nikki Beecher – April Lifestyle Member of the Month

Nikki Beecher – April Lifestyle Member of the Month

Every month we choose one client out of hundreds who deserves some special recognition for their outstanding commitment and effort demonstrated in following our program. We are beyond excited to announce that our Lifestyle Member of the Month for April 2019 is Nikki Beecher!

Nikki has been following the Own Your Eating program on our Essential Lifestyle membership plan and working with Coach Mags.  Nikki admits to trying different diets through the years including Paleo, but was fed up with short term results and weight fluctuations.  Read on to found out more about Nikki’s experience with OYE.


Lifestyle Member of the Month Inside Scoop


How long have you been working with Own Your Eating?

I have been working with OYE since November 2018.


What prompted you to get started?

I decided to give flexible eating a try because I was discouraged with short term results, and those that were doing it looked phenomenal! I am a very active person and have always considered myself pretty healthy. I was an ICU nurse for several years, take care of 4 small kids almost completely by myself, and I am almost 40.  I began to notice a decrease in my energy level and felt like my weight was fluctuating often. Besides trying to generally eat healthy, I tried the Paleo diet. I had success, but it was not something I could maintain long term. I began missing certain foods and didn’t like feeling restricted.  


What was the hardest part when you started out and how did you overcome that? 

The hardest part was planning ahead. Some days I am in my car a majority of the day. It was hard to plan almost an entire days worth of meals and snacks on the go and still hit my numbers.


What is one thing you’re most proud of?

 I am most proud of sticking it out with Own Your Eating. There have been times where I am inconsistent and it shows in my body, performance, energy, etc. However, I always get back on the wagon because I know it works.


What, in your opinion, has kept you consistent all this time?

I definitely have not stayed consistent throughout my time with OYE. I have times, like a couple days or even a full week one time, where I haven’t tracked my numbers. But my own saving grace is that I don’t let it last too long because I like the way I feel when I stay on track. It makes it a sustainable lifestyle knowing that I can keep coming back to it even if I fall off. 


What do you do for fitness?

For fitness I mainly do Crossfit. I run a little too and then mostly chase after small kids!


What’s a long-term goal you have?

Find where my body is the happiest with regards to macro numbers. Tweak it as needed along the way but always with the goal to stay as healthy as I can. 


Anything crazy on your bucket list?

Nothing too crazy on my bucket list. I want to travel the world. I also want to learn how to ride a horse. Being from Oklahoma and my grandfather having horses most of his life I feel like I should know how to ride them!


What is your favorite food and why?

My favorite food are homemade perogies. The are a Polish food. I think they are my favorite because they have been a staple at every major holiday meal since I can remember.

Nikki Beecher Progress Pictures (side by side)


What is your least favorite food and why?

My least favorite food is mayonnaise. Maybe it is the look, maybe the smell, I am not sure but it is definitely my least favorite!


What has been your biggest surprise about working with Own Your Eating?

My biggest surprise has been how to get results like you are dieting without really dieting

[click_to_tweet tweet=”My biggest surprise has been how to get results like you are dieting, without really dieting. ” quote=”My biggest surprise has been how to get results like you are dieting, without really dieting. ” theme=”style3″]


Would you recommend Own Your Eating to others and if so, why?

I would definitely recommend OYE to others! In fact, I have. My twin sister and mother have joined! 


Congratulations Nikki!  We’re so proud of you and glad you’ve able to find balance with your nutrition and lifestyle. Enjoy those margaritas with the fam! 😉

Tequila's paleo right?



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