What are macronutrients?

Macros has become a buzz word.  Let us break it down for you just a bit, we won’t get too complex with it, you know Jason loves the KISS mentality – Keep It Simple Stupid. 

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Healing Your Body from the Inside Out | 9 Recipes to Reduce Inflammation [Recipes]

In one of our recent articles we highlighted some of the most beneficial foods to include in your diet to fight inflammation. Supplements are a great course of action when your body needs an extra boost, but healing yourself from the inside out doesn’t have to include a cocktail of pills. Reducing inflammation in your body and boosting your immune system can be achieved with the simple addition of some common household superfoods. Reduce pain and improve your recovery by incorporating some of these foods and recipes into your life!

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6 Supplements that Fight Inflammation | Your Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition Protocol

The number of reactions occurring in the body on a daily basis is practically unquantifiable – with a rough average of nearly 100 trillion cells in our bodies and each cell producing 1 billion reactions each second, well you do the math! That’s a lot to deal with. So when you think about all the additional challenges we subject our bodies to – not enough sleep, poor quality food, alcohol, smoking, travel & stress – it’s pretty impressive that we manage to get by the way we do! But we don’t want you to just “get by”. We want you to look and feel your best! Just as we are focused on ensuring our clients get the right amount of food to fuel their bodies, we know that cultivating a healthy, internal environment in your body is also key.

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MyFitnessPal Hacks – Adding Recipes [Video Tutorial]

We get asked this question all the time, “How do I track my mom’s lasagna, or my favorite oatmeal cookie recipe?” Well My Fitness Pal actually makes it pretty straight-forward and user friendly. But we know that like most technology out there, it’s so much simpler once someone shows you how to do it first! So, if you’re not already using the recipe importer feature, you’ll want to watch these quick tutorials and learn how to enjoy all your home cooked favorites and still keep track!

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Intermittent Fasting with Flexible Eating

Intermittent Fasting (IF) may sound complex but this nutrition strategy is actually quite simple. In a nutshell, it involves following an eating pattern that cycles between feeding and fasting.

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