Eating Food Prepared by Others [Podcast EP 65]

Eating food prepared by others outside of your kitchen is one of the most common challenges we face when trying to keep our nutrition dialed in. Whether you’re eating out at a restaurant, or even going round to your parents or friend’s house, if you’re eating food outside of your kitchen then it’s normal to feel like the guard rails are down and that everything might go to crap! I mean here you find yourself suddenly contending with the the unknown and that’s hard!

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How to Lose Body Fat & Gain Muscle – Transformation

If you’re like most people out there, then you want to know THE secret to the burning question, “How do I lose body fat and gain muscle at the same time?!” Well, newsflash!!! You don’t need to eat twice your weight in protein or commit to the “Navy SEAL-esque” bootcamp training program at your local gym. We know these two goals are seemingly contradictory: with fat loss you’re trying to decrease your body’s mass, while with gaining muscle you’re trying to do the opposite. But contrary to popular belief, it is possible to lose fat and put on muscle at the same time.

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Nutrition as a Single Mom and Business Owner [Podcast EP 64]

Being a Mom or Dad isn’t an easy job, now throw into the mix that you’re a CrossFit affiliate owner, have a full-time job and your husband’s on deployment! To say that staying on top of your nutrition is a challenge is an understatement! We catch up with Tribe member Corey Olofson to find out what’s happening in her world.

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12 Essential Tips to Start Intuitive Eating without Gaining Weight

Intuitive Eating is an approach developed to help people heal from the side effects of chronic dieting. An intuitive eater is defined as a person who “makes food choices without experiencing guilt or an ethical dilemma, honors hunger, respects fullness and enjoys the pleasure of eating.” Intuitive eating is not a weight loss technique, however it promotes mindful eating and can teach you how to eat in moderation which ultimately could lead to weight loss.

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The Top 7 Nutrition Mistakes You’re Making

Despite 45 million Americans going on diets every year and spending in excess of $33 billion on weight loss products, 2/3 of the population is overweight or obese. Our nation needs education about nutrition, now more than ever! Being overweight doesn’t just provide physical limitations and health issues, it can cause problems in our relationships, making people feel self-conscious and disconnected from the person they truly feel they are.

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CrossFit Competition Nutrition – An Athlete’s Insights

Whether you’re a CrossFitter, soccer player, gymnast or American ninja warrior, fueling your performance will be a huge part of your ultimate success when your day of competition comes around. Many non-competitive athletes assume that the key difference between themselves and competitors is that competitive athletes train many more hours than them and that’s what sets them apart. Whilst it might be true that plenty more hours are spent practicing, training, honing their athletic skills and improving strength, the biggest differentiator is that competitive athletes include nutrition as a part of their training regimen.

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Nick Pratt – 21 Day Nutrition Jump Start

Nick is a newer member of North Naples CrossFit but he’s certainly not unfamiliar with the fitness scene. As a young police officer, staying on top of his health and fitness comes with the job! That being said, he knew he needed to move his focus to his nutrition. Nick had seen the success his buddy Vince had with tracking macros and so he decided to give it a shot with the help of Own Your Eating and our 21-day nutrition jump start. Check out his amazing results in just 21 days!

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The CrossFitter’s Guide to Nutrition

I’m sure you’ve heard this time and time again, but the most significant fitness gains are made in the kitchen not in the gym. Of course, training hard is important, but your efforts can all too easily be undermined by a poor diet. Put your hand up if you’ve ever though to yourself “I don’t get it, I train all week, I eat pretty decent, so why don’t I look like a CrossFitter?!” ??‍♀️

If you are constantly bouncing from fad diet to fad diet, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll get the results you want. After all, results require consistency. However, knowing where to start with your nutrition can be a bit confusing, so let’s break it down for you!

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How to Make Resolutions that Stick

Here we are, less than 50 days into the New Year and already those big ambitions for a “New Year, New You!” are quickly diminishing. The pledge to work out every day, quit drinking alcohol during the week and to get 8 hours sleep every night lasted all of about 2 weeks before life got the better of you. You’re wondering whether anyone else is still sticking to their New Year’s resolutions and how anyone could possibly juggle a full time job, family and rock a killer set of 6-pack abs. Surely these people aren’t human? Or they don’t eat or they have a staff of people helping them with everything!

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