Overcoming MS with Sustainable Nutrition – Jessica Philpot

Overcoming MS with Sustainable Nutrition – Jessica Philpot

We’ve posted once before about Jessica Philpot’s amazing weight loss progress and recovery from MS (Multiple Sclerosis). But her journey is truly phenomenal and is more than deserving of this update. One of the things we love about our nutrition program is the opportunity it gives people to change their lives forever. Sure, we’re always happy for clients when they reach their body composition and fitness goals, but when we get updates from our clients 2, 3, 4+ years later and they’re still making progress with their health, still enjoying the way they eat and haven’t reverted back to old habits. Well that fills us with more joy than you could possibly imagine.

To give you a little back story, we met Jess at a nutrition seminar in Louisville back in July 2017. A fellow advocate of flexible eating and client of ours, Taylor Haydock, had helped us in setting it up and invited us to speak in front of a large audience – all women – who were excited to learn about the possibility of following in Taylor’s footsteps and finally dropping unwanted pounds that dieting had been largely unsuccessful in allowing them to achieve.

Jessica Philpot suffered from MS and her symptoms of the disease were exacerbated by her overeating and excess weight. At the time, her Doctor had categorized her in the “morbidly obsess” category on the BMI chart. When we met her she could barely walk! MS and obesity was severely impacting her life, keeping her from work and being the mother she wanted to be. Her Doctor was at the point of recommending bariatric surgery as Jess wasn’t having any success with various diets out there often prescribed for health reasons. Taylor encouraged Jess to come and listen to our nutrition seminar and give Own Your Eating a try.

Jess listened intently and after our seminar told us she was going to get started right away. And she did. We’d see her post updates from time to time in the group on Facebook.

Jess philpot 30 lbs. down

Jess Philpot 40 lbs. weight loss

Jess philpot weight loss progress lost 80 lbs.

Jess embraced the whole process. And then about 10 months later she posted in the group that she’d lost 100 lbs.  and was pretty much symptom free from MS.
Jess philpot testimonial
Jess Philpot loses 100 lbs.

Jess Phillpot transformation pic


Jess is 2 years in to her nutrition journey with no signs of stopping. Her story is motivating not only because of the tremendous progress she’s made – not just with her weightlOss but also in overcoming her symptoms of MS – but because her approach and outlook has been filled with positivity and hope since the beginning. We are truly proud of her willingness to trust the process and stay committed to a better quality of life for herself and her family. Congratulations Jess!!!
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