Own Your Eating – EP2 – Desert Island

Cross-dressing, desert-island top picks, wedding songs & sex tapes…It has now become very clear, Jason and Roz have too much fun! What was anticipated to be a 15 minute podcast turned into 45 minutes,

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Gun to Your Head

Have you ever woken up with a gun pointed at you? Let me tell you about the time this happened to me.

If you’ve never lived in upstate New York in winter then you’re missing out. Just kidding! It’s cold as

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The All New Own Your Eating Podcast!

Roz and Jason give you the dirt on who they are, their deepest darkest nutrition secrets, and Roz’s favorite meal as a teenager, you’ll never guess it!

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Comfort Zones

This is outside of my comfort zone.

My comfort zone consists of my house, my bed, my normal foods.
It definitely does not consist of traveling around the country, sleeping in different beds, unsure of what I’m going to eat

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