Q&A with Jason Ackerman [Podcast EP 61]

In our Private VIP mentorship group, we often sit with our members and help them with questions and concerns for their clients.  In this discussion, Adam has some great questions that we think everyone can benefit from.  Maybe you are working with someone similar or maybe you are in a similar situation.  We cover much of this in our Certification as well, you can learn more about it here.

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Overcoming adversity, Part II with Rob Grupe [Podcast EP 60]

In Part II of my interview with Rob we begin his CrossFit journey. He stumbled upon CrossFit in his prison cell, but now he’s out and able to train himself. What starts as his new way of training quickly becomes his first business, Twice Bitten CrossFit. Rob took this small start-up and turned it into the most successful affiliate in Oklahoma and it’s only just beginning.

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From Prison to owning a CrossFit affiliate [Podcast EP 59]

Rob is the founder and owner of Twice Bitten CrossFit in Oklahoma City. Before owning a gym, Rob served a prison sentence of 7 years.  Seven years in a prison cell would typically break a man, but for Rob, this time in prison was the motivation to create a life built around service and helping others.

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Thanksgiving 2018 [Podcast EP 58]

It’s Thanksgiving Day, how are you going to celebrate? As most of you know, Jason is a hermit and prefers to stay at home, so tune in to listen to him complain about having to go out for Thanksgiving Dinner. Jason and Roz reminisce about Thanksgiving Day past, how they will track (or not track) today, and what they are grateful for.

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Evolution of Fitness, Part II [Podcast EP 57]

Last week Jason started chatting about his journey in the Fitness world and this week he brings us up to the present day. Jason has a hard time not dishing out advice along the way, from life to fitness, to business throughout this week’s podcast you’ll get tons of wisdom and even actionable items you can do right away.

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Evolution of Fitness, Part I [Podcast EP 56]

Jason has been in the fitness industry for over 25 years, how is that possible!? Learn how and why he got his start. The one man that may be responsible for Jason’s career path, and why Aerobic instructors or the most jealous people on this planet.

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Working from Home [Podcast EP 55]

The Own Your Eating Certification is live and it presents the question, can you work from home?

What are the pros and cons?

How do you stay productive?

Listen in as Jason and Roz discuss what it’s like to work for yourself.

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A Coaching Call with Roz [Podcast EP 54]

In this podcast episode, Roz catches up with 3 of her clients on a coaching call. Join Roz, the Cardillo sisters and Patty as they chat about their weekly wins and how they manage their nutrition as an ongoing lifestyle for developing healthier eating habits.

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Zach Johnson’s 100 lb. Weight Loss [Podcast EP 53]

Nothing brings us more joy than someone reaching out to us and saying, “I found your program and it changed my life.” That’s exactly what Zach did and we couldn’t wait to get on the phone with him and discuss his amazing 100lb. transformation.

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The C Word [Podcast EP 52]

Roz brings up the C word on this episode and it leads us down quite the rabbit hole. Is the C word too prevalent in your life? We’re talking about comfort, are you too comfortable?

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