Evolution of Fitness, Part I [Podcast EP 56]

Jason has been in the fitness industry for over 25 years, how is that possible!? Learn how and why he got his start. The one man that may be responsible for Jason’s career path, and why Aerobic instructors or the most jealous people on this planet.

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Working from Home [Podcast EP 55]

The Own Your Eating Certification is live and it presents the question, can you work from home?

What are the pros and cons?

How do you stay productive?

Listen in as Jason and Roz discuss what it’s like to work for yourself.

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A Coaching Call with Roz [Podcast EP 54]

In this podcast episode, Roz catches up with 3 of her clients on a coaching call. Join Roz, the Cardillo sisters and Patty as they chat about their weekly wins and how they manage their nutrition as an ongoing lifestyle for developing healthier eating habits.

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Zach Johnson’s 100 lb. Weight Loss [Podcast EP 53]

Nothing brings us more joy than someone reaching out to us and saying, “I found your program and it changed my life.” That’s exactly what Zach did and we couldn’t wait to get on the phone with him and discuss his amazing 100lb. transformation.

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The C Word [Podcast EP 52]

Roz brings up the C word on this episode and it leads us down quite the rabbit hole. Is the C word too prevalent in your life? We’re talking about comfort, are you too comfortable?

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Jason’s first nutrition client [Podcast EP 50]

Jess is Jason’s first ever nutrition client. Not only is Jess a very successful entrepreneur, she has lost over 60 pounds, is a vegetarian, tracked macros through her pregnancy, lost all of her baby weight, and is now lighter than she was since college!

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Jason and two English Women [Podcast EP 49]

Jason and Roz are joined by Roz’s longtime friend Jess. Jess talks about her Flexible eating journey and her amazing transformation. Jess has lost over 35 pounds and kept it off while enjoying foods she loves!

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Who is coach Keir Keir? [Podcast EP 48]

Coach Keir Keir, Keirstein, aka our “Warrior Princess”, is an ambassador for change and doing what you love in life! So we thought for sure you’d want to find out what it is that makes Keir tick. Find out more about the real Keirstein Patt as Roz puts her in the hot seat on this week’s podcast episode.

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Chicken & Waffles [Podcast EP 47]

Jason and Roz just spent a week in Asheville, North Carolina and ate big breakfasts every single day.  In this episode they are going to talk about how you can still hit your numbers after eating fried chicken and belgian waffles.

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