Chicken & Waffles

I’ve been talking about making Chicken and Waffles for quite some time now but having never experienced this southern breakfast staple I wasn’t exactly sure what I was missing out on. Sure I’d heard great¬†things from foodie friends, but no one had quite prepared me for the life altering, taste explosion that this succulent, sweet & salty combo would deliver.

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Chocolate Almond Butter Donuts [Recipe]

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to meeeeee! a donut that was completely macro free! ūüôā I’ve been dying to make donuts for the longest time now so¬†when my CrossFit box announced their potluck Christmas party, it was the perfect excuse to get my butt back in the kitchen & get creative with these festive looking¬†Reindeer donuts. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas until I get my holiday bake on & sing along like a lunatic to my all-time favorite Christmas tunes. You know, those old classics like Wham’s¬†“Last Christmas.”

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Pumpkin Pie Smoothie [Recipe]

I don’t¬†know about you, but when I think of Fall a Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte¬†always springs to mind! For those of you who who can’t live without a bit of pumpkin spice in your life, try out this low carb pumpkin pie¬†smoothie. It’s great for breakfast or a snack and super filling from¬†all the¬†fiber that’s in pumpkin.

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Avocado Toast [Recipe]

It’s avocado season! My second favorite time¬†of the year – after Christmas ooobviously. And this year I’ve been lucky enough to broaden my experiences beyond Cayman’s home-grown & imports as I’ve sampled some of the finest California grown avocados from San Francisco to LA. Clearly I wasn’t going to be able to leave either location without experiencing¬†Instagram’s most annoying food trend, the Avocado Toast.

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Thai Green Curry & Cauliflower Rice [Recipe]

I LOVE Thai green curry but for some reason I rarely make it at home. Most of us have heard that old proverb “variety is the spice of life” and we all¬†know¬†that new and exciting experiences keep¬†life fresh and¬†interesting. So when it comes to food in particular, why do we find ourselves routinely eating the same things day in and out? Well, it turns out that we are creatures of habit – I hope this isn’t coming as surprise to you! As much as we like the idea of variety, we tend to stick to the same things for good reason.

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Coconut Chia Seed Pudding

~ Paleo, NSA, Vegan ~Photo 1-4-15, 12 12 32 PM
“Never before have we had so little time in which to do so much.” How many of you resonate with this statement?! Roosevelt recognized¬†how frantic our lives were becoming even back in the early 40s. I wonder what he would think if he could see how fast and furious they have become now! Well I have a¬†tip in store for you¬†that will make your hectic working week a¬†little easier & your breakfasts so much tastier ūüôā

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Sweetheart Valentine’s Cookies [Recipe]

Paleo, Vegan, NSA, Gluten Free
Apparently I’ve been neglecting my creative side as another holiday has rolled¬†around without so much as a peep from me. Not only am I ashamed but I’m also terrified by the rate at which this year seems to be slipping away – seriously, I had a¬†nightmare that it was November already! As much as I love the second half of the year for being that much closer to Christmas, I am not about to wish the rest of the year away, I have far too much to accomplish before then!

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Pumpkin Pie

~ Paleo, NSA, Vegan ~
Today I will be experiencing my first ever real American Thanksgiving with B & his whole family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – which includes 2 parents, 4 brothers, 3 significant others, 3 nieces, 2 huge shaggy dogs and 1 puppy! So before the mayhem begins I’m taking a sneaky time out to share with you my paleo and vegan pumpkin pie recipe.

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Choconut Cashew Cups

Choco cashew cups~ Paleo, NSA & Vegan ~
If you were redirected here from my Coconut Cashew Butter post then well done! Hopefully this means you’ve succeeded in making your own nut butter and you’re ready for your next simple challenge. This delectable little snack¬†is nothing short of pure genius & despite the lack of sugar it is such¬†a delicious treat!

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“Nuts for You!” – Coconut Cashew Butter

Paleo, NSA & Dairy free
When I jumped on board this whole food¬†bandwagon¬†I had no idea that it would open up a world of deliciously indulgent nut butters. I thought they were fattening and bad for you. What’s more, surely they required some kind of high-tech kitchen equipment that I couldn’t possibly afford. It doesn’t happen often but there are those rare occasions when I love it when I’m wrong!

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