Transformation Tuesday – Cathy Lubinsky

I had tried every diet and exercise program from Zumba to kickboxing and Weight watchers to south beach diet. My husband had joined CrossFit a year prior to me and just watching his excitement and physical

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Transformation Tuesday – Sarah Dodson

I was always super athletic through high school – could eat anything and everything with no worries. I played several different sports, and even went to college on a volleyball scholarship.

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Transformation Tuesday – Amanda Benson Grieve

The reason I got started was because My weight consumed my every thought. These thoughts took up my energy, it gave so much mental pain and sadness. These thoughts and feelings where not in a

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Transformation Tuesday – Jess Pino-Goodspeed

What prompted you to get started?

I started tracking my macros in September 2016. I was so tired of super restrictive diets, losing weight, only to gain it right back again. The head coach/owner of my box introduced me

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