Transformation Tuesday – Greg Mattes

What prompted you to get started?

I seemed to always be tired, ran up the stairs at home one day and was really winded. I also saw the progress that my son was making doing CrossFit so decided to give it a shot in an attempt

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Transformation Tuesday – Jess Pawlik

I started Flexible Eating December of 2015 when my Coach at CrossFit 7 Mile wanted me to start tracking what I was eating. He gave me some specific numbers and asked that I just try to hit them everyday. Two weeks later, I attended a flexible eating

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Transformation Tuesday – Todd Manno

I started in June 2016 because the harder I trained, the more I ate. My Jiu Jitsu GIs were too tight and I was too sluggish on the mats.

I lost 5 inches on my waist, 21 pounds total.

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Transformation Tuesday – Larry Moss

I’m About 3.5 pounds from my goal weight of 180.

Would love to hit that number by my 1 year anniversary, 9/11/17, but if I don’t …. I’m good with it.

I am working out the exact same amount now, as I was when my weight was stable at 207+.

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Transformation Tuesday – Jade Bowser

I’m not sure who was more excited about Jade getting started on this journey! The minute I discovered she was a pastry chef I thought to myself, “this lifestyle is going to be life-changing for this girl”.

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Transformation Tuesday – Alyson K.


Give it up for Alyson who has made an amazing transformation over the last 3 months! Alyson has been working hard and the hard work has CLEARLY paid off! I’m so proud of her and can’t wait for

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Transformation Tuesday – Misty Dahlke

I was first introduced to flexible eating in October 2016. I watched all the videos and got started, but didn’t stick to it as I allowed a vacation and holidays to sidetrack me. I really started getting serious March 1, 2017

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