Workout of the Day – Commonwealth CrossFit

Workout of the Day – Commonwealth CrossFit


CrossFit WOD 09/04/2017

You’ll enjoy this wod if you’re not full of pastrami or Italian pastries like Jason & I were! 🙂 Push yourself and try to go unbroken on that first set of clean and jerks. It’ll be a challenge but you might learn something new about yourself just like
Commonwealth CrossFit
member Eann Tuan did when she decided to make a change to her nutrition. Check out this short clip of her talking about how she overcame that natural resistance to change.

We turned up at Commonwealth CrossFit
for their 4:30pm class so we could hit a wod with some of the members before our
seminar. As it had been my birthday the day before and Jason and I hadn’t had a chance to celebrate together as yet, we decided to take the day off and enjoy the sights of Boston. Naturally, our kind of sight-seeing usually includes seeking out the city’s best donut shops, food halls and coffee. So we headed to the downtown
Public Market, Faneuil Hall and Boston’s North End (aka Little Italy).

Enjoying our breakfast from Beantown Pastrami Co. at the Public Market.

Sharing is caring 🙂 Splitting a peanut butter cupcake from
Mike’s Pastry.

Holy cannoli…

It’s hard to believe that we’ve made it to Boston! Like I’m legitimately shocked that a) we haven’t killed each other yet and b) that the camper hasn’t completely failed us and left us stranded on the side of the road – although we have had our fair share of melt downs with it! We’ve racked up a substantial number of miles since we left our home in Naples on 13th June – partly because Jason’s schedule had us do a circuitous loop of Florida before
we could head north and partly because we really have come a long way round! Despite the distance between us and our comfy king-size bed and furry four-legged friends (1,463 miles to be exact!), we’ve come to realize that as long as we can work out, hit our macros and have a warm (or baltic as Jason
prefers it) place to lay our heads at the end of the day, then we are happy.

We are so grateful to friends, family and box owners like
Brian Buell (owner & coach at Commonwealth CrossFit) who graciously welcome us into their homes and make us feel so welcome. We are loving every minute of our adventure because of the people we are connecting with and the friendships we’re making along the way.

Of course, finding some of the country’s best donuts is an added bonus!
Union Square Donuts was recently voted Boston’s best doughnuts in a poll by Boston Magazine! After they were also raved about by Eann and Brian I knew I had to make a trip to one of their locations happen. The verdict? Let’s just say the 22 hours and 1,463 miles drive between our home and Boston is not gonna stop me from coming back!

Next time I’ll take a leaf out of Eann’s book and save my macros for 3 donuts 🙂

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