Workout of the Day – Goose Island CrossFit

Workout of the Day – Goose Island CrossFit

CrossFit WOD 07/31/2017

This week’s workout comes courtesy of Goose Island CrossFit Chicago, where we were recently hosted for one of our flexible eating nutrition seminars.

Owner, Noah LaPorte, coached us expertly through this core-crushing workout which included a pre-wod quality-driven component – 4 rounds of 20 GHD sit-ups, 15 barbell good
mornings, 10 ring dips.

4 rounds for time

14 bar
facing burpees

deadlifts 185/135

12 toes
to bar

Roz –

Jason –

Goose island Crossfit WOD

My abs were smoked from the previous day where I’d decided to take advantage of the GHD at CrossFit Regeneration and had done a quick 3 rounds of 30 sit-ups every 90 seconds. Bending over to tie up my nano’s was agony enough so I was more than a little hesitant to participate in class! But as I typically find with muscle soreness, once I got moving my body started to relax a little and the pain subsided enough for me to put it from my mind and get my fitness on! I was pretty pumped with my performance and time on this workout considering these were reasonably heavy deadlifts for me.

Goose island Crossfit

So, strategies for the workout? Well truth be told, Jason and I often prefer not to strategize. It doesn’t always work in our favor but this was one WOD where it paid off! Our method was simply to go ham from the get-go! Use your mental grit and refuse to break-up your movements. Hold on to that barbell for all 13 reps, string all those toes to bar together every single round and no matter what do NOT stop for a second during the burpees. If you follow that approach you will smash this workout like Jason and I did! 😉

Jason Ackerman Goose Island CrossFit

We’re not ones to usually preach about nutrient timing but our method-less performance did seem to benefit from the Chipotle we’d eaten about 2-3 hours prior. We both noticed and commented how we had felt really well fueled in the workout. Who’d have thought, food gives you fuel?! 😉

We had an awesome time hanging out with the rowdy bunch of foodies at Goose Island CrossFit. We kicked up quite a stir on whether Pequod’s deep dish or Lou Malnati’s thin crust serves up Chi-town’s best pizza and a majority consensus simply couldn’t be reached on where to enjoy the best donuts in town; Stan’s, The Doughnut Vault, Glazed & Infused, Firecakes?! – apparently Chicago has too many great spots to choose from!

We thought we better conduct our own experiments to find out…

Pequod’s Pizza

Jason shocked the waitress by finishing an entire 10″ deep dish to himself. Meanwhile I had no problem finishing off a 7″ pie after that evening’s wod!

Stan’s Donuts

Own Your Eating Stan's Donuts

In the pursuit of coffee and breakfast we took a stroll in the sunshine along The 606 trail which lead us to Ipsento 606 coffee shop and coincidentally, Stan’s Donuts. The glass-filled case was overwhelming with its array of flavor combinations and fillings! After 10 minutes of indecision I finally settled on a toffee crisp cake donut and Jason selected a peanut butter banana Bismarck. NOM! What a sweet way to start the day!

Glazed and Infused

Was the Maple Bacon Long John from Glazed and Infused worth destroying my macros over? HELL YES!!!

Aside from some great programming at Goose Island CrossFit, you can also enjoy a good dose of Vitamin D on their huge deck overlooking a beautiful garden and the river. It’s the perfect spot for a 5k row or practicing your handstand walks in the summer sun.

The box also has showers, complimentary towels, toiletries and free onsite parking – a rarity in the city! Come for the amenities and you’ll stay for the people. Thank you Noah for your incredible hospitality and to all the members for making us feel so welcome and hungry! 🙂


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