Workout of the Day | 05.02.2018

I know it’s cold out, but here’s a workout to get you outdoors for some fresh air and vitamin D! Enjoy this body weight workout of running and push-ups.

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Workout of the Day – CrossFit Spirit

CrossFit WOD 08/21/17

Saved by a downpour, Jason was spared the pain of running 1200m – that’s what happens when you drop into boxes in the North of the country in the middle of summer!

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Workout of the Day – Badger CrossFit

CrossFit WOD 08/14/17

This is a great workout for those of you who might not be CrossFitters as it doesn’t involve a barbell. Something I learnt from the CrossFit Open earlier this year however is never underestimate

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Workout of the Day – CrossFit MouseTrap

CrossFit WOD 07/24/2017

I have this terrible habit of assuming that workouts without barbells are not going to be so bad. Maybe because I am naturally fearful of the barbell and its unfamiliarity, but often the ones that hurt the worst are the ones like Murph, or 8 rounds of sprints, or pretty much

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