OYE 21-Day Nutrition Jump Start

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What is this Program?

We know that being 100% strict and perfect every day of your life is impossible so we have developed this challenge unlike any other. Instead, this 21-Day Nutrition Jump Start will give you all the practical tools and support you need so that you can develop healthy eating habits that are 100% sustainable even once the challenge is over.

STARTS: First Monday after sign-up

GIVEAWAY: OYE Swag (see below under determining challenge winners)


What’s included?

  • 21 days of meals (choose 3 of our 7-day meal plans, see below for recommendations**)
  • Private Facebook group
  • Coaching platform with daily habit reminders, nutrition tips, education and additional recipes throughout
  • OYE Beginner Video
  • Maintenance plan on completion

If you’d like to take part in one of our challenges where you have access to your own dedicated coach, please contact us for more information about when our coach-led challenges will take place.


Why do it?

Dialing in your nutrition for a short period of time is extremely useful in helping to identify poor habits or intolerances that you may not have recognized before. Whilst you may not keep a food diary forever, we will ask that you log your food during this challenge to help you develop the necessary awareness about your eating habits. We want to help you fuel your bodies so that you can perform your best at the gym and in every-day life. Eating enough food, in the right balance of macronutrients is not only the key to performance improvements, but also weight loss and body composition change. If nothing changes, then nothing changes! Our plans will help you develop a completely sustainable nutrition plan and deliver the results you’ve been looking for.


Who is this for?*

This program is for people who want to:

  • Lose body fat
  • Build strength and confidence
  • Improve their health
  • Change their body composition
  • Give their body the nutrition it needs
  • Develop habits that create long-lasting change
  • Stop dieting once and for all
  • Improve their quality of life

Trying to figure out the necessary steps you need to take to implement a healthy diet is A LOT of work on your own. We’ve done the hard work for you by developing a program that guides you through the process with a completely integrated coaching platform. You’ll get daily reminders and a carefully laid out plan that’s easy to follow. All you have to do is log in and check off your daily habits.


Expectations for Participants in the Challenge

  • Track your food in MyFitnessPal
  • Follow our meal plans for 21 days (you’ll get 3 meal plans to choose from)
  • Take before and after measurements and photos
  • Log in daily to our coaching platform and complete your Daily Habit cards and Assignments
  • Do your best to commit for 21 days!


Determining Challenge Winners

Nothing quite fuels performance like a bit of healthy competition! ? Many things go into determining our nutrition challenge winners – not just the total amount of weight lost! We’ll look at things like compliance with your meal plans, consistency with logging meals, consistency with intake (not skipping meals), consistency with workouts, total % of body weight lost, body fat and inches, and any other notable health & fitness related achievements along the way too (e.g. PRs at the gym).

All of this information is easily tracked within our coaching platform that syncs automatically with your MyFitnessPal diary. So there’s no need for you to keep track of points or anything else!

Other than the glorious title of becoming an Own Your Eating Challenge Champion we have some prizes up for grabs from the Own Your Eating store, including:

  • Apparel;
  • Publications; and
  • Videos

So do your best and other than some hard-earned results, you could also land yourself some OYE swag!

*This program is not for professional or competitive athletes, or anyone who is currently receiving coaching from us. Please email us at contact@ownyoureating.com to discuss the best coaching options for you.

**Meal Plan Types – We recommend you choose our Balanced Like a Boss and our Caveman Clean meal plan. To see full descriptions of all our meal plan types click here. The third choice is up to you! If you have dietary restrictions (e.g. Vegan, allergies), please contact us for further guidance. Please continue reading for full descriptions of meal plan types.


Meal Plan Types

Balanced Like A Boss: 80/20

Did you try Paleo but it ended up more like Faileo? You were probably told to give up all your “fun foods” and in reward you could eat endless amounts of bacon and sweet potato fries. It sounded great in theory but things started getting a little grey and you found yourself wondering whether a donut with bacon on it could be considered Paleo because dammit, life without donuts just isn’t living! The “Balanced like a Boss” meal plan will teach you how to eat better quality foods and include the foods you love to keep you feeling sane and satisfied. As hinted in the title, an 80/20 balance means this plan predominantly contains whole foods with a daily feature of snacks like cookies & ice cream bars.


Caveman Clean (gf)

By now you’ve heard of Paleo or Primal, or you’ve even tried it yourself. We get it, it’s the “in” diet, but the problem is you still need to eat the correct amount of food to fully benefit from this style of eating. Believe it or not, you can get fat eating too much bacon! Well, we’ve done the hard work for you so you can enjoy your bacon and still achieve that chiseled caveman physique. The “Caveman Clean” meal plan incorporates an array of Paleo foods and meals, specifically designed to reduce inflammation in the body & have you performing at your best in all aspects of life. You can expect to enjoy things like buffalo chicken lettuce wraps, steak & sweet potato and delicious treats like bacon wrapped dates. Mmm bacon….Whether you’re an experienced paleo eater or a nervous newbie, this plan will give you the simple direction you need to help bring your body back into balance.


Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook

Throwing a pot of water on the stove to whip up a batch of Mac n’ Cheese is about as complex as Jason’s cooking gets. Whether it’s your lack of culinary skills or your demanding schedule getting in the way, this meal plan is designed for you! We’ll show you how easy it is to successfully hit your macros with minimal cooking & food prep. You can expect to eat foods like burritos, pizza, bagel sandwiches, easily portable fruits & pre-made salads. Forget those BS excuses and embrace your skills as a microwave master chef!


Meatless Macros (v)

For all you plant-based eaters out there, here’s something you can really sink your teeth into! Staying on top of your protein can be downright difficult for even us meat-eaters, so if you’re a vegetarian, we already know you’re not getting nearly enough protein. Don’t worry, we’re not going to force feed you prime rib! However, we do encourage incorporating complete sources of protein from some animal products, so this plan is designed for Vegetarians who also consume dairy & eggs. As well as plant-based proteins like tofu, tempeh & pea protein powder, the “Meatless Macros” plan features egg whites, Greek yogurt and cheese. Naturally, this plan isn’t void of fun foods so we’ve included some pudding cups, Oreos & ice cream along the way too! If dairy & eggs are out of the question, check out our “Vegan Eats & Treats” plan instead.


Road Warrior

You are on the road for work. Maybe this happens once a year or maybe your hotel room feels more like home than your own house. Being away from home (thus taking away your access to a kitchen) used to mean struggling to hit your numbers or completely losing track because it felt too hard to focus on what you were eating when you were out of your routine. The Road Warrior meal plan is here to combat all our eating on the road woes. We have provided you a 5-day meal plan of breakfasts compiled of foods that can easily be found on a hotel breakfast buffet and lunches and dinners from popular chain r