The Ultimate Guide to MyFitnessPal


Don’t let technology slow your progress down!A big part of your ultimate success with this program will be learning how to use the app MyFitnessPal.

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What You’ll Get:

A PDF download of: “The Ultimate Guide to MyFitnessPal”.


We all know that the toughest part in achieving our goals is managing to stay consistent. When day-to-day life can be stressful and throw us off our own agenda it’s a challenge to find the will-power and determination to remain steadfast with our nutrition.


You put in so much energy to stay committed to your nutrition, you should feel reassured that you’re not sabotaging your hard work making silly mistakes with your tracking or spending more time than necessary in the app.


Jason and I are just like you. We know that coaching and accountability are hugely important in your journey but that feeling confident and self-empowered is a game-changer. Fully understanding how to effectively use the tools at your fingertips is half the battle won. That’s why we decided to develop THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO MYFITNESSPAL.


You should feel confident that you’re using MyFitnessPal to work smarter and not harder, so you can truly maximize your success and conserve your energy for more important things like sushi night with the girls!


Never struggle again using the app and avoid all the common mistakes that are wrecking your progress more than you realize. By the end of this eBook you will by so MFP savvy you’ll probably change your username to Master of Macro-Tracking!


We are NOT affiliated with MyFitnessPal, but we still recommend this app over others on the market. Why? Well here’s a few good reasons:

  • Sleek interface
  • Social – you have the ability to add friends and join community discussions. This is great for anyone needing accountability!
  • Syncing & Integration – syncs between multiple devices with one account and integrates with a lot of different health & fitness apps
  • Huge Database – MFP offers one of the largest food databases out there & provides the ability to create your own foods, meals & recipes!


What’s Inside:

The Ultimate Guide to MyFitnessPal includes 51 pages of technological and nutritional content as it guides you through all of the app’s key features for both the Basic and the Premium versions; reveals hacks to avoid common pitfalls, and provides nutrition tips from Jason and Roz including tricks that they use in the app to improve their own success.


Topics covered include the following:


Getting Started

Downloading MFP

Setting Your Calories & Macronutrient Goals

Create Reminders

Customize Meal Names

Customize Micronutrient Goals (sugar, sodium, fiber)

Make Friends


Logging Food

Scanning a barcode

Searching the database / Restaurant menus

Weighing and Measuring


Create Your Own Entries

Create a Food

Create a Meal



Premium Features

Customize your macronutrient goals daily


Common MyFitnessPal Hiccups

When Tracking isn’t Working – 8 MyFitnessPal Mistakes You’re Making


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