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Calling all Thunderdome Athletes!

We know you’re busy putting in the training hours in the gym, but did you know what you’re doing outside the box is EVEN MORE important?!

With some simple adjustments to your nutrition, you could go from an aggressively average performance to landing yourself in PR city in less than 30 days! 🤩💪🏻

Here’s what this amazing nutrition bundle includes:

1. Beginner Macro Video

2. The Definitive Guide to Flexible Eating eBook

3. 7-day meal plan of your choosing (please configure below)

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In support of all FN Thunderdome athletes, we’ve put together this awesome package to help you put on the performance of a lifetime! Take control of your nutrition today and reap the benefits in competition.

This bundle includes 3 of our most popular products for people who are looking to integrate sustainable eating habits with CrossFit. Not only will what we teach you help your body feel fueled, your performance will improve, your rate of recovery will increase and as an added bonus, you’ll look better naked too! 😉

What this bundle includes:

  • Beginner Macro Video
  • The Definitive Guide to Flexible Eating (eBook)
  • One 7-Day Meal Plan

These three items will;

(1) set you up with your unique macronutrient goals & teach you how to incorporate flexible eating into your life;

(2) help you anticipate challenges & overcome a dieting mindset (no more complicated relationship with carbs!);

(3) plan your meals for you and teach you how to create your own day of meals that allows you to hit your macronutrient goals.

Read on to find out more about each one of our products.

1. Beginner Macro Video – worth $24.99

NO prerequisite is needed for this purchase. Everything you need to know to get started is included in this video. If you want to look better naked and get started today then this video is for YOU!!

The beginner macro video package is for newbies to our program; for anyone who’s tired of yo-yo dieting and wants to get a better grasp on nutrition. Our successfully proven flexible eating formula and method, has helped thousands of people achieve incredible results in just 30 days. You’ll learn how you can eat ANYTHING you want & continue to be successful with your weight loss goals. In our Beginner Video, we break down Flexible Eating in an easy to digest (oh yeah we did) way, guaranteed to leave you confident and ready to dive in to this amazing lifestyle.

  • Do you want to look & feel better naked AND eat the foods you love?
  • Are you unsure what flexible eating is but your friends have been raving about it?
  • Have you started tracking but you’re using your friend’s numbers?
  • Or did you just wake up surrounded by empty Oreo wrappers & decided enough is enough?! 😉

The Beginner Macro Video will set you up for success with flexible eating. It will walk you through calculating your own macros with our magical formula and answer all the most frequently asked questions. Avoid the common pitfalls that many make when they first get started with flexible eating. Watch this video!


The “Beginner Macro Video Package” includes: 

  • The Beginner Macro Video
  • Macro-Dominant Food List

**100% Satisfaction Guaranteed**


2. The Definitive Guide to Flexible Eating eBook – worth $19.99

Think back to when you were a kid and try to recall your most favorite food to eat – we all have one. Something that you loved so dearly that the mere thought of it had you frothing at the mouth and crippled with hunger pangs until that craving was satisfied. Mine was the cheesiest, gooiest, most mouthwatering bowl of macaroni and cheese. In fact, it’s still my favorite food to this day. But, I’m not just talking about any old melty pasta dish – I’m talking about the one and only Kraft Mac & Cheese. Just one whiff of that cheesy goodness or a glimpse of that blue ninety-nine cent box and I’m immediately transported back to my childhood when my mom would whip me up the biggest bowl with extra love and care.

I’m sure your favorite food brings you that wave of nostalgia too. Sadly, though, there was a brief time in my life where enjoying some Mac & Cheese no longer brought back fond memories. It became synonymous with a “cheat day”. Instead of bringing me warm & fuzzy feelings of comfort and joy, my beloved meal would leave me feeling immensely guilty and ashamed.

I know I don’t speak alone here when I tell you that deprivation IS awful, both mentally and physically. Suppressing your desire to have your favorite treat because it is somehow “bad” is no way to live your life.

I’m overjoyed to tell you it DOESN’T have to be this way ever again. You can eat the foods you love while fueling your body properly and keeping your nutrition on point. Your taste buds and mind will thank you endlessly for this. That is what makes the Flexible Eating lifestyle so unique – by design it will nourish the body and make you feel HAPPY about what you are eating and help you create the balance your body craves.

This book will teach you how to live a lifestyle that is realistic and sustainable in our modern world. You’re going to learn how to be happy about the things you eat, to go to bed eager to wake up the next morning and achieve your goals one meal at a time, and most importantly you’re going to…


What You’ll Get:
  • An epub digital eBook

3. 7-Day Meal Plan – worth $19.99

“Just tell me what to eat!” We get this ALL the time from new clients.

Flexible Eating allows you to eat ANYTHING you want! That’s awesome but it’s kinda like being out for dinner & trying to choose something off a 20-page menu. Too much choice can be overwhelming! Our meal plans will simplify the process for you as a beginner & set you up for success as you get started on your flexible eating journey.

Meal plans are designed according to goal weight & eating preferences (e.g. 80/20, vegetarian, etc.)

What you get:

  • 7-Day Meal Plan based off the weight range and style that you selected as a digital download.


Choose the appropriate goal weight and the meal plan style of your choice from one of the following:

Meal Plan Categories

Balanced Like A Boss: 80/20

Did you try Paleo but it ended up more like Faileo? You were probably told to give up all your “fun foods” and in reward you could eat endless amounts of bacon and sweet potato fries. It sounded great in theory but things started getting a little grey and you found yourself wondering whether a donut with bacon on it could be considered Paleo because dammit, life without donuts just isn’t living! The “Balanced like a Boss” meal plan will teach you how to eat better quality foods and include the foods you love to keep you feeling sane and satisfied. As hinted in the title, an 80/20 balance means this plan predominantly contains whole foods with a daily feature of snacks like cookies & ice cream bars.


Caveman Clean (gf)

By now you’ve heard of Paleo or Primal, or you’ve even tried it yourself. We get it, it’s the “in” diet, but the problem is you still need to eat the correct amount of food to fully benefit from this style of eating. Believe it or not, you can get fat eating too much bacon! Well, we’ve done the hard work for you so you can enjoy your bacon and still achieve that chiseled caveman physique. The “Caveman Clean” meal plan incorporates an array of Paleo foods and meals, specifically designed to reduce inflammation in the body & have you performing at your best in all aspects of life. You can expect to enjoy things like buffalo chicken lettuce wraps, steak & sweet potato and delicious treats like bacon wrapped dates. Mmm bacon….Whether you’re an experienced paleo eater or a nervous newbie, this plan will give you the simple direction you need to help bring your body back into balance.


Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook

Throwing a pot of water on the stove to whip up a batch of Mac n’ Cheese is about as complex as Jason’s cooking gets. Whether it’s your lack of culinary skills or your demanding schedule getting in the way, this meal plan is designed for you! We’ll show you how easy it is to successfully hit your macros with minimal cooking & food prep. You can expect to eat foods like burritos, pizza, bagel sandwiches, easily portable fruits & pre-made salads. Forget those BS excuses and embrace your skills as a microwave master chef!


Meatless Macros (v)

For all you plant-based eaters out there, here’s something you can really sink your teeth into! Staying on top of your protein can be downright difficult for even us meat-eaters, so if you’re a vegetarian, we already know you’re not getting nearly enough protein. Don’t worry, we’re not going to force feed you prime rib! However, we do encourage incorporating complete sources of protein from some animal products, so this plan is designed for Vegetarians who also consume dairy & eggs. As well as plant-based proteins like tofu, tempeh & pea protein powder, the “Meatless Macros” plan features egg whites, Greek yogurt and cheese. Naturally, this plan isn’t void of fun foods so we’ve included some pudding cups, Oreos & ice cream along the way too! If dairy & eggs are out of the question, check out our “Vegan Eats & Treats” plan instead.


Road Warrior

You are on the road for work. Maybe this happens once a year or maybe your hotel room feels more like home than your own house. Being away from home (thus taking away your access to a kitchen) used to mean struggling to hit your numbers or completely losing track because it felt too hard to focus on what you were eating when you were out of your routine. The Road Warrior meal plan is here to combat all our eating on the road woes. We have provided you a 5-day meal plan of breakfasts compiled of foods that can easily be found on a hotel breakfast buffet and lunches and dinners from popular chain restaurants that can be found almost anywhere. Also included are some fun snacks (and even a few cocktails) to keep your time away from home on track, as well as delicious. (Please note this is a 5-day meal plan.)


Turf ‘n’ Turf

Are you a meat & potatoes kinda guy or gal? Would Ron Swanson be your ideal dining companion? If meat and breakfast foods are your staples then this is the perfect plan for you. Our Turf ’n’ Turf plan focuses on eating off the land with hearty stews, chili and steak & chips – hey crinkle fries started off life as a potato right!? We’ve even found a way to sprinkle in fun foods like double stuffed Oreos and donuts AND (because we care about you) we found room for a few portions of fruit so you don’t get scurvy. Give this meal plan a whirl and you’ll realize how easy it is to make flexible eating a sustainable part of your lifestyle.


Vegan Eats & Treats (vg) (df)

Whether you’re already a virtuous vegan or considering a dietary transition, we have carefully created this plan to ensure your body gets the nourishment and satisfaction it needs! You’ll discover new foods, make new routines and feel less anxious about “how to eat vegan”. You can expect to enjoy meals like tofu scramble wrap, seitan stir fry & bunless beet burgers along with some delicious vegan cookie dough for dessert. This meal plan will make sailing into your plant-based lifestyle a breeze!


Each meal plan has been carefully crafted by Jason and Roz to get the most out of your Macros.

(v) = vegetarian

(vg) = vegan

(df) = dairy free

(gf) = gluten free



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