Don’t eat like an asshole

Don’t eat like an asshole
Sure, this T-Shirt is funny (and you can purchase it here), but what does it actually mean?

Well, it means different things to different people.

Here are some responses from our Tribe.

It really means whatever you want it to mean, and I think these ladies have summed it up quite well.

When we first uttered that statement  it represented, “hey, you can’t only eat “junk” foods all the time” your body still needs some vitamins and minerals.

Don’t give yourself SCURVY because you are a Flexible Eater.

Live 80/20, 80% good 20% fun foods…but be flexible in the fact that if you need a 50/50 day or even a 10/90 understand that’s ok, just hit the numbers!

To learn more about living in the 80/20, you can check out our meal plans where we have done the hard work for you!

So…with all of that being said, what does, “don’t eat like an asshole” mean to you?

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