The Complete Guide to Nutrition

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Over 30 pages of nutrition information including details of the methodology we use to coach our clients. Find out more about fundamental nutrition principles as well as what flexible eating is and how to do it!

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Losing weight is hard!

Food is so much more than just fuel for our body. It bonds us together and provides us with satisfaction in so many more ways than one! For the longest time both Jason and Roz struggled with maintaining their weight. The dieting methods they had learnt about worked in the short term, but long term they were simply unsustainable. If they couldn’t make it work for themselves as coaches, then why should they expect their clients to be any different?!

Finally they came across something that not only provided results quickly, but that was actually an enjoyable way of eating. There was no more need to turn down social occasions or to throw out all their favorite foods. Flexible eating allowed them to enjoy those foods in moderation and to break free of feeling of deprivation & restriction. Find out more about flexible eating and so much more so that you can enjoy the same “food freedom” and finally Own Your Eating!


What’s Inside? 

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Chapter 1

Calories vs Macronutrients 

BONUS: Superfood Shopping List

Chapter 2

What is Flexible Eating?

Chapter 3

The Benefits of Flexible Eating

Chapter 4

Calculating your Daily Intake

BONUS: Own Your Eating’s Macro Calculation

Chapter 5

Micronutrients | Vitamins & Minerals

BONUS: Macro Balancing & Eyeballing Guide

Chapter 6

The Big Takeaways





About the Authors

Jason Ackerman is the author of Own Your Eating: The Definitive Guide to Flexible Eating. Jason is a CrossFit L4 Trainer & has over 25 years of experience in the health & fitness industry & has helped thousands of clients transform their bodies & lead healthier lifestyles.




Roz Ackerman is a CrossFit L1 Trainer, certified NASM personal trainer, 200 hours trained Yoga Instructor & Precision Nutrition L2 certified nutritionist. Roz is passionate about helping women develop a positive body image and become more empowered and self-confident through fitness.






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