Superfood Waffles [Recipe]

Superfood Waffles? I know what you’re thinking, it sounds too good to be true! And I was skeptical too, I mean they look and smell like waffles but surely superfood waffles can’t possibly taste good right? WRONG!  Thanks to Kodiak Cakes this pre-prepared waffle & flapjack mix is not only packed full of goodness, it tastes super good too!

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Sweet Potato Porridge [Recipe]

“Ahhh this porridge is just right!” is what you’ll be saying after you try this sweet & warming bowl of deliciousness! In true Goldilocks fashion it took a few tries to get this recipe perfect but luckily I didn’t have to worry about upsetting any bears in the process!

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Spinach Oatmeal Pancakes [Recipe]

I don’t know about you guys but I love spinach! I love it in salads, smoothies, omelettes and now I even love it in pancakes! 😆 There’s something about unusually colored pancakes that make them even more appetizing to me. Like those red velvet pancakes I made a little while back. There’s just something about colorful pancakes that automatically produces a flavor explosion in my mouth 😋 Anyone know why that is?!

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Corned Beef Hash Brunch [Recipe]

Alright so it’s not the most macro-friendly of breakfasts out there but darn it, it does taste good! Every once in a while I like to have a hearty and sumptuous brunch dish like this one and forget about hoarding my fat macros. I can live without peanut butter for one day! This meal is kinda like that 80/20 balance principle we’re always harping on about. Enjoy foods like this 20% of the time, and it’ll keep you coming back to your egg white omelets with veggies for the other 80%. So relax a little and enjoy some Irish comfort in the kitchen.

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Blueberry Flax Yogurt Bowl [Recipe]

True story! Part of the reason I love sleep so much is because it transports me to my favorite time, and meal, of the day…BREAKFAST!!! I used to be one of those people that always ate my breakfast on the go, usually it was pretty non-existent, it definitely didn’t contain much protein and almost inevitably was eaten distracted at my desk. But I’ve learnt some lessons along the way and now I prefer to take my time.

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Red Velvet Pancakes [Recipe]

OMG these pancakes are literally to die for! 😍 They remind me of the epic pancakes I had in Vancouver at a cute little spot in Cambie called Jam Café. I remember having a hard time guesstimating the macros for that brunch – I damn near had a heart attack when they brought out my 2-inch-thick pancake stack the size of a dinner plate! Given that I was unable to eat anything for the rest of day I’d say those bad boys were not quite as macro-friendly as these!

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Skinny Vanilla French Toast [Recipe]

When Jason & I tied the knot last November, I wanted to make sure there were plenty of opportunities for us to enjoy spending time with friends and family who’d travelled all the way

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