Instant Pot Meatballs [Recipe]

There’s nothing like the flavors of traditional Italian meatballs to transport you from your kitchen to la bell’Italia! And now you can make that happen any night of the week with this super simple recipe. These meatballs are great for your weekly meal prepping, or if you’re cooking for the whole family.

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9 Healthy Picks at Subway Nutritionist Approved!

Eating out can be a challenge, so I recently I perused Subway’s entire menu and came up with these 9 healthy picks for you to enjoy the next time you’re on the go and decide to “eat fresh”. Living up to its  tagline, Subway is pretty nutritionally sound these days with its chicken made from 100% white chicken and containing less than 1% soy protein. Subway also says all its chicken is raised without antibiotics and is free of artificial flavors and preservatives.

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11 High Protein Picks at Panera

Finding high protein meals at your favorite fast food stops like Panera can be a challenge. Just because you’re picking something that appears healthy doesn’t mean it’s gonna have a lot of protein, and vice versa, a lot of protein doesn’t necessarily make a meal “healthy” either. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or simply looking to keep your body composition in check, choosing wisely at places like Panera can go a long way to helping you reach your goals.

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Healthy Chicken Quesadillas [Recipe]

Quesadillas used to be my go-to order at this Italian restaurant called Ragazzi in Cayman – at least for lunch anyways because for dinner you sure as hell don’t wanna miss out on their stone-baked pizzas! Anyway, they had a lobster quesadilla that really was to die for! Since I left Cayman I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve had one quesadilla. That was over 4 years ago! Isn’t that crazy!? Until the other day after I’d made some shredded chicken and happened to have some low-carb tortillas on hand, the inspiration to whip up some Mexican goodness came to mind.

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Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza [Recipe]

The cheeseburger pizza isn’t a new invention. Papa John’s Double Cheeseburger Pizza is back on their menus by popular demand! Far from being the worst possible choice when going out to eat, when you look at the nutrition information for a slice of this little piece heaven, you’ll see that the macros really aren’t all that bad! The issue really only comes when you decide to polish off a whole one on your own. 😋

We recently asked our followers to determine if they could only keep one and had to give up the other, which would they choose? Cheeseburgers or pizza?! Well when it came down to it, the verdict was….

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Paleo Breakfast Burrito [Recipe]

If you love breakfast and Mexican food as much as I do, you have to try these healthy breakfast burritos!  As a coach I often advise my clients to try and have a serving of protein and some veggies with breakfast to kick start their day.  This does both!  With 17 grams of protein and lots of colorful veggies this is a fantastic breakfast option.

Want to spice it up a bit more?  Try adding this guacamole in place of the avocado.

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Broccoli Cheddar Frittata | Low-Carb Instant Pot Recipe

Frittata, egg-bake, crustless quiche, omelette or tortilla! Whatever name you call them by, these primarily egg-based dishes are an awesome way to start your day and can be very simple to prepare as make-ahead breakfasts that are easy to grab on the go. This Keto-friendly recipe is also a gem for anyone utilizing carb-cycling strategies or maximizing their carbohydrate uptake post-workout. I love frittata’s but I typically find myself making them with egg whites. Right now I’m experimenting with some carb cycling which means I get to enjoy more fat than usual. Using whole eggs and cheese was such a treat! It definitely made this frittata even tastier and filling. I didn’t even notice the lack of carbs to my breakfast!

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Carnitas Street Tacos [Recipe]

Reason no.836 why I love #FlexibleEating: This recipe is for 4lbs of pork butt cooked in beef broth and seasoned with warm spices. I made these carnitas street tacos that were (no exaggeration) as good as the $50 plate from my all time favorite high end SoCal Mexican restaurant. Try them out and I promise, you and your team of minions will be fighting over who gets the leftovers!

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Curry Chickpea Stuffed Sweet Potato [Recipe]

Hungry? Well you won’t be after this sweet potato recipe that’s a full meal in itself! Inspired by my go-to order at a local salad shop this easy to prep dish is packed full of flavor and a TON of nutrients.  It’s vegetarian but swap out the yogurt with a soy or almond based one and it becomes a completely vegan dish!

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Garlic Shrimp Tacos with Avocado Crema [Recipe]

A balanced diet is a taco in each hand, wouldn’t you agree?! ? To say I’m partial to the odd taco would be like saying Yogi Bear kinda likes picnic baskets, or Homer Simpson occasionally eats donuts. You get the picture! I like to think of tacos as a healthy hybrid between a plate of nachos and a salad. With just a few ingredients, you have a simple yet super tasty flavor combination that makes these dressed-up Mexican sandwiches not only delicious, but cheap and very easy to make yourself.

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