How Stress Effects Our Health and How To Manage It

We’ve all experienced stress at one point or another. After all, stress is simply a part of life. And while a healthy amount of stress is nothing to be concerned about, chronic stress is a completely different story.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Vegan Protein

Protein is essential for building and retaining muscle; it also helps you stay fuller for longer and helps manage hunger. Many people get protein from animal sources such as meat and dairy; however, those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet have to find alternative protein sources from a plant-based diet.

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5 Ways to Develop a Marathon Mindset

A few years ago, my mindset caused me to feel very stressed out and overwhelmed. I saw other people moving forwards in their lives, making positive changes with ease and seemingly enjoying a successful existence in all aspects of their lives. During this time I was in a place where I was very confused with school, working all the time, staying out late with friends, working out maybe only once or twice a week and not taking care of my diet – it’s funny because at the time I thought I was being pretty healthy!

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Why courage is crucial for transformative change

Having courage is one of the most important qualities you need to develop if you want to instigate change to a more purposeful and passionate life. Courage is what helps you to develop and strengthen your willpower. Courage is what unlocks your power and leads you to a life where you’re fulfilling your highest potential. Sounds heavy right?! Well good, it’s supposed to! We’re trying instigate transformative change so you better expect shit to get real!

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CrossFit Competitor’s Course with Austin Malleolo

I signed up for the CrossFit Competitor’s Course lead by Austin Malleolo, with the expectation and hopes of getting a deeper understanding of nutrition for the competitive athlete. Clients are always asking questions about timing and supplements and I have my opinions based on theory and my own practice, but I am always in search of the best answer. When I found out that Austin Malleolo, individual and Team CrossFit Games competitor, was offering this course,  I was eager to hear about his professional experience with nutrition, in preparation for and during competition.

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Emotional Eating – How to Overcome It

Emotional eating is often characterized as a behavior performed by lonely housewives or singletons in search of a source of comfort or companionship from their pint of Ben & Jerry’s. But emotional eating can happen when people are feeling happy, stressed, bored, angry or any other kind of emotion too.

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What Nutritionists Really Eat for Brunch

People always want to know what nutritionists and fitness professionals are eating. We get why you’re curious, and you’re smart to want to know more. The coaching team at Own Your Eating are always leading by example and know how to stay dialed in with their nutrition, even when they’re traveling or getting their brunch on. We all track our macros consistently and make little exception – we track the good days & the bad! 😆

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Chocolate Mint Shake [Recipe]

Protein shakes are a fantastic way to fuel your muscles after a great workout, but simply combining protein powder and water can be pretty boring and bland. By adding ice and a few other tasty ingredients you can turn that boring smoothie into a delicious dessert.

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Coaching Webinar Q&A – August 20, 2018

To win the week you need to get your mindset right. Developing successful strategies to set yourself up for success requires reflection, mindfulness and an independent observer like a coach! Check out our latest coaching webinar where we talk about staying consistent and trusting the process. There is no magic pill! Just hard work and determination.

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Nutrient Timing | Pre & Post Workout Nutrition Simplified

Most of us know that when it comes to changing our body composition, we can’t out train a shitty diet. Although training and finding the right kind of stimulus to support muscular growth is important, nutrition is the foundation for achieving results and getting all the gains! Most of our clients know that hitting their macros in the right quantity and ratio is going to propel them towards their goals faster than anything else. But once you’ve become a macro master, it might be time for you to take things to the next level and consider nutrient timing.

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