How Stress Effects Our Health and How To Manage It

We’ve all experienced stress at one point or another. After all, stress is simply a part of life. And while a healthy amount of stress is nothing to be concerned about, chronic stress is a completely different story.

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Maternity Macros – Jflo’s Pregnancy Transformation

Jen Floyd, aka J-flo, aka the Own Your Eating “Macro Mama”, has just given birth to her third baby and she had a GIRL!!! Finally she’s no longer completely outnumbered in her household. Born on September 16th, and weighing 8lb. 2 oz. Mom and baby girl Daphne Grace are both doing amazing! 😍 We are so thrilled for her and the Floyd household. Before J-flo finally popped, we asked her a few questions about her experience with tracking macros during her third pregnancy. Pregnancy can be tough on your body. Get the low down on why maternity macros and postpartum nutrition is healthy for you & your baby!

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5 Ways to Develop a Marathon Mindset

A few years ago, my mindset caused me to feel very stressed out and overwhelmed. I saw other people moving forwards in their lives, making positive changes with ease and seemingly enjoying a successful existence in all aspects of their lives. During this time I was in a place where I was very confused with school, working all the time, staying out late with friends, working out maybe only once or twice a week and not taking care of my diet – it’s funny because at the time I thought I was being pretty healthy!

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Why courage is crucial for transformative change

Having courage is one of the most important qualities you need to develop if you want to instigate change to a more purposeful and passionate life. Courage is what helps you to develop and strengthen your willpower. Courage is what unlocks your power and leads you to a life where you’re fulfilling your highest potential. Sounds heavy right?! Well good, it’s supposed to! We’re trying instigate transformative change so you better expect shit to get real!

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Emotional Eating – How to Overcome It

Emotional eating is often characterized as a behavior performed by lonely housewives or singletons in search of a source of comfort or companionship from their pint of Ben & Jerry’s. But emotional eating can happen when people are feeling happy, stressed, bored, angry or any other kind of emotion too.

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Who is Jen Charlesworth? – OYE Podcast EP 46

Jen Charlesworth, or more commonly known as Quad Queen, owns a CrossFit affiliate, is a former CrossFit Regional Athletes, has two dogs, seven chickens, two ducks, and also happens to be one our badass coaches at Own Your Eating.

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Memorial Day Murph Strategies – CrossFit Hero WOD

I am so stoked to get a new PR on Murph today! Last year I struggled with my pull ups and push ups and finished around 48 minutes. This year I felt great during and after the workout and hit a PR of 36 minutes 47 seconds! Having done half Murph a few weeks ago at our box North Naples CrossFit, I had a lot of information to help me strategize.

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Food Matters | Why Quality Counts Part 3

Before you continue reading, make sure you’ve already read part 1 and part 2 to Food Matters – Why Quality Counts.

…As soon as I implemented some of my “5 A Day” and started pooping again, I started feeling Healthy AF and continued to see more improvements with my other measurements – progress photos, the number on the scale, my performance in workouts and how I felt throughout the day. I was still eating boatloads of cereal and even expanding my horizons trying food like Frosted Mini Wheats and Trix but I was also making sure I got a daily dose of fruits and vegetables.

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Food Matters | Why Quality Counts Part 2

If you haven’t already checked out my introduction to Food Matters – Why Quality Counts then go read Part 1 first.

…I had a pretty captive audience owning three CrossFit affiliates so more and more people started asking for my guidance with their nutrition. As I started helping more clients and friends, it became apparent to me, that people’s nutrition was more about fixing relationships with food than simply losing weight. Fixing that relationship & rectifying common misconceptions was actually the key to their success with weight loss.

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