Eating Food Prepared by Others [Podcast EP 65]

Eating Food Prepared by Others [Podcast EP 65]

Eating food prepared by others outside of your kitchen is one of the most common challenges we face when trying to keep our nutrition dialed in. Whether you’re eating out at a restaurant, or even going round to your parents or friend’s house, if you’re eating food outside of your kitchen then it’s normal to feel like the guard rails are down and that everything might go to crap! I mean here you find yourself suddenly contending with the the unknown and that’s hard!

Taking your food scale out to social occasions can be a bit of a social faux-pas (depending on the social situation) and so you find yourself relying on guesstimating or eyeballing the quantities of the foods you’re eating. Not only does the accuracy or inaccuracy of your tracking now cause you some concern, but it can also be challenging to plan what you’re going to eat in advance due to a lack of information. So now there is also some underlying concern about balancing out your day. How much should you eat beforehand? And what kinds of foods should you eat so that you can get close to hitting your numbers at the end of the day? These kinds of concerns are common, in fact it’s one of the reasons that Roz prefers to eat out for breakfast or brunch instead of dinner – although she claims it’s because she just loves pancakes!

Although there are some simple solutions to these problems of how to track when eating out – (1) practice eyeballing food quantities at home; and (2) look up the menu in advance & at least plan something for your meal in advance so you can plan out the rest of your day around that – the real issue is that these concerns undermine your certainty and confidence, and ultimately if you’re an “all or nothing” thinker, they undermine your mindset.

In this episode we’re talking with our client Nic about an upcoming visit from his mom. “How do you eat Mom’s cooking and still track your macros?” is a common dilemma that many of our clients face. I don’t care how old you are, there’s nothing better than mom’s cooking! OK maybe Grandma’s is better…Listen in as we discuss overcoming the social pressures of how to satisfy your cravings and please the person who’s lovingly prepared food for you, without ruining your progress in the process.


Is eating out, or eating food prepared by others your biggest obstacle when it comes to staying on track? Or maybe you eat out all the time and have found a way of mastering this all too common way. Whichever category you fall into, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this podcast topic. Either comment below or feel free to email us on We might even invite you on the show!


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