Tony Robbins – Coaching Guru or Marketing Mastermind?

Tony Robbins – Coaching Guru or Marketing Mastermind?

I decided to write about my recent experience at the Tony Robbins seminar Unleash The Power Within, to give others a good idea of what they can expect if they’ve been on the fence about attending a Tony Robbins seminar. My goal isn’t to try to convince you to go, it’s simply to provide you with my insights having experienced it first-hand, and some information so you feel prepared with what to expect at what many have a called a life-changing event.

If you’ve ever tried typing Tony Robbins into your google machine, you’ll find streams of search results with a whole plethora of descriptives like charlatan, self-made millionaire, jerk, catalyst for change, life coach, self-help guru, fire-walker, narcissist, philanthropist, and marketing mastermind. In light of the stark opposition of some of these words, it’s not too surprising that when Roz and I were offered two tickets to attend his seminar, “Unleash the Power Within” in Los Angeles, we paused for thought before accepting.

Given that the tickets were kindly being offered to us by our friend Rob Grupe, owner of Twice Bitten CrossFit, I couldn’t help but put my skepticism to one side. I have gotten to know Rob over this past year and he is someone I have come to highly respect, for his incredible mindset and ability to reinvent himself despite the adversity he’s suffered. His story is pretty amazing, make sure you have a listen to my full interview with Rob Grupe to hear all about his stint in prison and more.

Two months leading up to the event, the Tony Robbins team slowly started drip feeding us information to get us fully prepped for the event. That included some useful logistical information about registration, dressing warm (the LA Convention Center was colder than a walk-in meat cooler), preparing snacks, the anticipated length of each day’s program as well as prompts to start listening to free material to get us AMPED UP! When Roz read the initial fact sheet – of course I didn’t even know this fact sheet existed – she came across two important notices that immediately put her on high alert. She read them out loud to me, raising one eyebrow as she did as if to say, “what the f*ck have you signed us up for?!”:

  1. You don’t want to eat too much on Thursday as you’ll want to be prepared for your Fire Walk – emphasis added
  2. The tentative schedule for the event is as follows:

Thursday: 12pm – 12am

Friday: 8:30am – 11pm

Saturday: 9am – 1am

Sunday: 9:30am – 7pm

Each day was going to be 12 hours or longer! WTF!? Was Roz’s exact initial thought process and I’m not gonna lie, a part of me was on board with her resistance.  We both like to be tucked up in bed by 10pm having spent our final hour enjoying a Netflix comedy special on the sofa – side note check out Sebastian Maniscalco on Netflix. Both of his standup specials on there are hilarious. He delivers his comedy with a clever concoction of hilarious stories, wild bodily gestures and one of the best New York/Italian accents I’ve ever heard. You can’t help but love him!

To say that neither of us was entirely thrilled at the prospect of getting less than our normal 8 hours sleep and disrupting our nightly protocol, would be a fairly big understatement. Still, I remained gung-ho about it in an attempt to keep Roz on the band wagon too – safety in numbers right? Surely I couldn’t be lobotomized if Roz was there too?! But despite my resilience, Roz made it clear that although she would go into it open-minded, if she didn’t enjoy the first day, then she was perfectly within her right to forego the rest of the seminar and enjoy some kind of foodie excursion around LA instead. She didn’t actually say that last part but I know her too well and I’m sure she was already visualizing herself taking a trip to Sidecar Doughnuts after enjoying a morning ride at Santa Monica SoulCycle.

By the time we arrived in LA on Wednesday, the day before Unleash the Power Within started,  we had been on a 4 week epic adventure visiting the Hawaiian islands of Kauai and O’ahu for just over 2 weeks, before moving on to explore San Diego and Portland. Yeah I know the itinerary direction doesn’t make a ton of sense but when on the west coast why not embrace a last minute trip to Portland?! In any case, at this point on our travels we were tired and already looking forward to the familiarity of a daily routine and our tempurpedic mattress. But as coaches and crossfitters, we know that resistance is the shortest path to growth. All you have to do is embrace it by doing the exact thing you really don’t want to do.

After a quick bodyweight workout in the warm and dusty room that served as our Air BNB’s gym, we walked the 40 minutes to the Convention Center to take advantage of the early registration on Wednesday evening. We didn’t want to have to contend with the long, inevitable lines of registration on Day 1 of the event. Once we were within a 10 minute radius of the stadium however, we realized that plenty of other attendees had had the exact same idea. Little did we know that roughly 15,000 people would be attending this seminar!

The line wrapped around the west atrium of the facility, inside and outside. It was very much like a line you might see at Disney World and the atmosphere wasn’t all too dissimilar either. Volunteers in T-shirts that read “we create breakthroughs” were roaming around, offering out high-fives, hugs, and pumping out as much good energy and positive vibes as possible. I imagined that most of them had at one point worn a Mickey Mouse costume for a summer gig or was their high-school football’s team mascot 3 seasons running. If you’ve ever done either of these things then being a part of the Tony Robbins organization is probably for you! In fact, I’m sure it’s listed as a pre-requisite on their job applications. Anyway, I digress.

It was funny observing the way in which people interacted with the volunteers, still unsure about whether to let go of their preconceptions and embrace the madness of what I could only imagine would be an experience akin to Burning Man. As Roz surmised, this introductory experience did seem all a little too contrived. I mean, it’s not like people are going around high-fiving every stranger they meet in the street in day-to-day life, so it’s only natural to be a little on guard. I could sense Roz’s skepticism was on the rise again, but she did a good job being pleasant, friendly & chatty whilst in line, even though I’m sure her British tendencies and naturally wary instinct was telling her to step away from the crazies…In retrospect, we now completely understand that the majority of these volunteers have had a life-changing experience at one of Tony’s seminars and are genuinely positive people simply looking for a way in which they can give back. It’s one big cycle of authentic hype and positivity. And if it works, who are we to judge? I mean what’s so bad about high-fiving strangers and asking them if they’re excited to be here?

The line actually moved quite quickly – or maybe we were all just in such good spirits that it felt that way?! – so within an hour we had finished our registration, got our seminar credentials, and a free copy of Tony Robbins’ recent book, “Unshakeable.” After a quick dinner at Whole Foods, we went back to the Air BNB to get a good night’s sleep and prepare for Day 1.


Unleash The Power Within – Day 1

Day 1 had the latest start at 12pm so we were able to have a leisurely morning. Even though Roz was technically on a rest day from the gym, she seized the opportunity to squeeze in a 30-minute AMRAP in the sweat closet, aka the building’s gym, knowing that there probably wouldn’t be another chance to work out for the next 3 or 4 days. She’s always good at anticipating what will crop up (not just anticipating real scenarios, but also how she’s likely to feel), and potentially prevent her from getting her next work out in. That’s why she’s gotten so good at maintaining her nutrition and fitness no matter what life throws her way. Anticipation is the ultimate power in mastery! Meanwhile, I enjoyed a relaxed breakfast of a Whole Foods burrito and coffee and caught up on some work emails. We showed up on time at the Convention Center opting to walk in so we could enjoy some of the beautiful sunshine and get our only dose of vitamin D for the day.

After a little bit of a line to get through security, we were in! And the place was buzzing. People are dancing everywhere, hugging, screaming. It looked more like a waiting room for children eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus rather than a hall filled with adults about to embark on a 4-day seminar. The mixed emotions of excitement and nervousness were palpable. Heck we felt it too!

Jason & Roz at Unleash the Power Within

We had General Admission tickets which meant we wouldn’t be able to get up close to Tony. GA seats were in the back third of the giant hall with the more expensive tickets, moving up towards the stage. If you’re debating on whether to splurge on the more expensive tickets, I’d say it’s not really worth it. Sure it’s nice to be a little bit closer so you can actually “see” Tony, but the truth is he moves around from time to time through the aisles. When he’s on stage you’ll find your eyes wandering to the monitors anyway so there’s really no need to fork out the extra for the seat upfront unless you’re trying to schmooze with the celebs. But those seats cost around $3k!

Here’s a picture of Tony Robbins almost being mobbed by the crowd when he did come all the way to the back of the hall.

Tony Robbins being mobbed

Speaking of celebrities, there were a few that I recognized and they were there just like anyone else, they were there to learn and tap into some next level motivation. On Day 2, I actually bumped into Lyoto Machida, former UFC Champion, who was with his wife in the General Admission section. I shook his hand but didn’t want to bother him for a picture out of respect for him probably wanting to be fully engaged in the seminar.

Even though we arrived in the hall about 15 minutes after the anticipated start-time, it was another 60 minutes before dancers made their way on stage. Then there was at least another 30 minutes of dancing and getting us fired up before FINALLY Tony Robbins came out on stage. He didn’t rise up out of the stage in a plume of smoke or fly in from the ceiling attached  to hidden wires, but his entrance was up there with any Super Bowl half-time entertainers! He was nearly two hours late, but no one cared. This man knows how to get a crowd energized and on their feet having a good time. After another 15-20 minutes of dancing and violent hand clapping Tony finally urged us to sit down. Thank god! I was beginning to get really tired! He apologized for keeping us waiting – I’m not sure if this is the norm or not – and mentioned he hadn’t been well that morning due to treatment he was receiving for mercury poisoning, but I have a hunch that keeping the crowd waiting is all part of his gig.


From then on it was nothing but high energy. The dude doesn’t seem to drink, eat, or pee. I’m sure he fasts on these days, sneaking a drink of water here and there when he can but never visibly. Probably all in an effort to maintain the Tony Robbins superhuman image he has created. There were definitely a few times when the lights were off I thought his voice was being pumped in via the audio system to give him a moment to step off stage, pee, grab a drink, and consult with his team. You’d hear a faint click like the start of a pre-recorded message and the quality of his voice was definitely different. Still, I’m not going to knock him for taking the odd 2-minute break during 8+ hours of performing!

The time flew by at lightning speed. From about 5pm onwards we were getting geared up for the firewalk. Tony kept making it seem like we were about to do it, “let’s get ready to walk,” “when we do the fire walk here shortly.” That was all for dramatic effect. I finally became a firewalker at about 1am! He is a master of keeping you hanging on for every word, consistently opening loops, weaving stories within stories that never end so that you can’t even entertain the idea of leaving even though it’s 11pm and you’re tired as shit! It would be like watching every episode of Game Of Thrones only to miss the finale because they decided to air it an hour after your normal bedtime. Do you really want to be that person at the water cooler on Monday morning who didn’t experience how it ended?! No! That is unless you’re like Roz. She has an incredible ability to overcome that sense of FOMO. Half-way through a movie she’ll get up and leave if she’s no longer entertained by it or has something else she’s decided is a more important use of her time. She doesn’t care if she never finds out what happened, she’s already made up her mind that something else is more important and that’s that. It’s a quality I admire in her and strive hard to emulate. I’m still learning!


Becoming a Fire Walker

Going in to the event, I knew I would do it. The truth is, I wasn’t the least bit scared. I assumed if millions of people have done it in the past then it couldn’t be dangerous. Of course, I hadn’t actually done any investigating online to see whether people had burnt up their feet, which I now know they have. Thank you google! At the time I just assumed that he wouldn’t still be making people walk on coals if every third person was ending up in the ER. I mean I know it’s good for business for your brand to have recognition, but surely people burning their feet up isn’t the right way to go about it?! Anyway, listening to Tony talk about how dangerous it really was, actually made me start to get a little concerned, but nothing was going to stop me from doing it. He spoke about how people only got burnt if they weren’t in the right mind state, he really emphasized that getting in state was an absolute must for avoiding being burnt. He said that about 1% of the people here would get burnt because of not being in the right state and that his volunteers would actively be looking for people and pulling them out of the line if they weren’t “all in”. I was thinking to myself, “1%, that’s still 150 people who get burnt.” All of a sudden I felt a pang of fear stir in the pit of my stomach.

By the time we were ready to walk there were probably about 10,000 people still there. With 50 lanes of coals set up it didn’t take too long and moved pretty smoothly. I was keeping myself fired up and looking around at the other participants for energy and to stay in state. We were all somewhat delirious at this point! As my turn drew closer I definitely felt myself getting amped up, and without realizing it I was screaming “YES!” and getting excited. I guess this is what they mean by crowd mentality?

Fire Walking Tony Robbins

When it came to my turn I continued shouting “YES!” over and over. A trainer looked me in the eyes and gave me the go-ahead to cross the smoldering coals. We had spent quite some time learning what to do to cross the burning coals safely; look straight ahead, repeat “cool moss,” walk with a purpose, and stop at the end to have your feet sprayed with water. But when I finally took my first step, my mind went totally blank and I just stormed across! I recall feeling the heat on my first step which surprised me a little, but I kept walking quickly! I got to the end and was so relieved it was over that I completely forgot about getting my feet sprayed down. Luckily two volunteers were there and grabbed me to spray my feet off with cold water. I’m glad they did because I’m pretty certain it’s a key component for preventing the development of blisters. I was truthfully surprised by how much I felt the heat of that first step. Turns out this shit is real! Over the course of the next few days I learnt that many people were blistered and a few were burnt pretty badly and had to make a trip to the hospital.

Was I successful at the fire walking because I was in state? Were those that got burned out of state? The raving fans believe that 100%. In the Tony Robbins private event Facebook group people were saying, “I know I got burnt because I felt myself come out of state.” The entire weekend is set up in a way to make you truly believe in your mind’s ability to help you overcome adversity of any kind. Beforehand I would have said that mindset is important up to a certain point. But now that I’ve walked across blistering hot coals unscathed? I say that mindset is everything. After that night I felt a profound shift in my perspective and outlook on everything. And that was just day 1.


Unleash the Power Within – Day 2

After getting to bed around 2am the night before I was tired and the idea of getting up at 6:30am for Day 2 was not appealing to me. I had asked Roz before going to sleep if she’d be cool if we just slept in and get there when we get there. Her succinct and immediate response? “No.”  This coming from the woman that wasn’t sure she was going to attend the whole event! Needless to say, Roz set our alarm for 6:30am and we got to Day 2 on time. I’ve come to realize that it doesn’t matter how much mental fortitude you develop over time, the key to continual growth and self-improvement is having a wife who calls you out on your BS!

On Day 1, we weren’t sure what would be acceptable to security in terms of the food we were bringing in. We had decided to risk it and at least pack a sandwich each, a couple protein bars and other healthy snacks like nuts & fruit – side note, Roz did all the planning and preparing of food and snacks and would stay up late to ensure we would go to the seminar with food. Always anticipating. We also both had 40 oz refillable water bottles with us. We got through security on Day 1 easily with these foods and saw plenty people bringing in bottled drinks and giant salads from Whole Foods. If you decide to attend UPW, definitely pack a lunch, bring snacks, and a refillable water bottle. There are plenty of water fountains dotted around.

Although the Convention Center has a cafe with lots of lunch options (including açaí bowls) and a coffee/tea stand, the lines were ridiculous at times. At one point (this was on day 3) when Roz really wanted a coffee to stay warm, the volunteers came out to tell everyone in the lines that they all really needed to get back in the room as Tony was about to do some next level sh*t they did not want to miss! One guy in line almost completely lost it and threatened to kill someone if he didn’t get his coffee. No joke! To expedite the checking out process – and avoid any irrational slaughtering – Roz offered to buy his coffee and several others too! Lesson learned. Wear warm clothes and bring your own snacks and drinks!

Day 2 kicked off about 30 minutes after the scheduled time. The dancers came out on stage again and started getting everyone excited for our speaker. Tony had mentioned at the end of the first day that he wouldn’t be there for Day 2 as Doctors had told him that his voice could no longer handle two days in a row of speaking for that length of time. Tony does a lot of humble bragging, be it dropping names about his famous clients, the amount of wealth he’s managed to generate out of literally nothing, the many homes he has dotted around the world, how he’s the one they call when someone is suicidal & that out of thousands he’s never lost a suicide case yet, or that he’s considered a medical marvel by doctors for his ability to talk for 10 hours a day, 5 days in a row – even though doctors say his vocal chords are completely destroyed. You’ll notice him dropping his accomplishments, successes and life’s victories into his speeches, but for some reason his bragging didn’t irritate me. I guess it’s hard to get annoyed at someone who’s able to get you so hyped up and feeling so awesome!

Joseph McClendon was the facilitator on Day 2. He’s basically Tony’s #2 who started out as an attendee at the UPW events back in the day. Joseph has tremendous energy and is a great public speaker in his own right. He delivered Tony’s message with his own unique energy and humor. I truly enjoyed him, but trying to fill the shoes of a 6’7″ millionaire is no easy feat! I’m not sure whether this was his first time filling such a large portion of the seminar weekend or whether it was a last minute fill-in opportunity. Unlike Tony, his delivery wasn’t flawless, he stumbled occasionally over the examples he would give or would be lost on what page of the seminar manual we were on but these were tiny slip ups that in truth, Tony probably made too. It’s just that much harder to identify any form of fault or failure in Tony Robbins! That’s part of what makes him such a phenomenal motivational speaker, you are enthralled and captivated by his whole persona.

Day 2 was similar to Day 1 with a lots of learning, reflective exercises, sharing our thoughts about ourselves with total strangers, dancing like lunatics and understanding how easy it can be to create momentum in any aspect of our lives. Most people believe that in order for change to be created you need to start with motivation, but actually a simple act of doing something (no matter how small) can generate the necessary momentum to propel you towards the results you’re seeking. Once the wheels are turning that’s often when you start to feel and develop the motivation that keeps you carrying on.

This was a long day, but we did receive a lunch break for 45 minutes. It was a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy some LA sunshine. When we got back from lunch we were introduced to some other speakers on Tony’s circuit. Two of note were Mike Melio and Siri Lindley. Both speakers were UPW graduates and had done other Tony seminars too. They shared their stories which were definitely inspirational, but you could tell that inspiring others wasn’t their sole function at this event. They were there as Tony “success stories” to help drive people towards Tony’s Business Mastery course. It was a soft sell but there was definitely a pitch. I won’t dive in to their stories because they may well be a speaker at the UPW event you attend and I think you’ll enjoy hearing their stories first-hand rather than from me.

Although I mention the fact that there are definitely some sales strategies interwoven into the seminar, I’m actually convinced that the UPW event runs at a loss. Yes there were 15,000 attendees but many of the tickets were gifted or invites and the production was top notch. I mean it was held at the LA Convention Center no less! Between the cost of location, paying for his crew, and the people he brings in, I don’t think Tony can be making all that much on UPW. But UPW is clearly the gateway to the much more lucrative events like Business Mastery. The lines to sign up for future Tony Robbins seminars got longer and longer each day!

As the second day comes to a close, you will feel a bit delirious. Like being in Vegas, you have no idea what time it is. Roz even asked me at one point and I guessed, “Maybe 2pm?“. She shook her head and responded with, “its six o’clock!”  That’s part of what they are doing, teaching you when you’re tired, you can get up and move and feel great again. There were countless times, when the music would come on full blast and I’d think, “Oh no not again, not more dancing, I can’t!” and then 10 seconds later I’d be dancing around like a lunatic. In hindsight it sounds pathetic complaining about getting up and expressing your happiness and gratitude for life by having some fun.

As Roz and I walked home that night we both agreed that if the seminar ended on day 2, we both would have felt as if we got tremendous value from the experience and the information we’d been given. Little did we know what was in store for us on Day 3. 


Unleash the Power Within – Day 3 “Transformation Day”

I don’t think you can truly experience the true benefit of total immersion without going to all 4 days of the seminar. Day 1 and 2 really sets you up so that you’re primed for what takes place on Day 3. That being said, if for some reason you’re only able to make it to one day, then the third day is the day you do not want to miss! The transcendental value you experience from this day alone is worth the price of admission. The energy throughout the day was incredibly high and sustained with Tony back at the helm. I did more dancing on this day than I probably have in my entire life. We got to the root of our values and beliefs and went through something called “The Dickens Process”. I can’t describe in words everything we experienced that day, or pinpoint any exact moment that triggered my sense of euphoria and transcendence. Just know that you are reading from someone who went into the weekend a bit skeptical and I am now a believer.

The highlight of my day was looking over at Roz and seeing how much she was embracing the exact moment we were experiencing together. She was all in; mentally, emotionally, physically, possibly even spiritually. I knew after this day, our relationship would be taken to new heights if we continued to cultivate this level of presence in our lives at home. It was truly amazing to see the “lightness” of everyone around me once we’d all gone through this purging exercise, ridding ourselves of our worst self-limiting beliefs. Since going through the Dickens Process it’s clear to me that the burdening effect of carrying these beliefs around with us day-in and day out, is not only crushing our potential but also our sense of happiness too.

Roz at Unleash the Power Within

We finally got a break at around 9pm. Tony had finished his performance for the night, but before leaving he said he had a special surprise for us all. Later on in the evening Pitbull would be performing live on stage! Crazy! No one expected this. As cool as it would have been to see Pitbull, Roz and I were more committed to getting a good night’s sleep so we could be alert for the final day. We’d also need an extra boost of energy to get through our overnight travel back to the east coast right after the seminar. So we agreed we wouldn’t come back for the performance after the break.

We said good night to the friends we’d made that day and headed off to Whole Foods to get some dinner on the way home. At Whole Foods we shared a long picnic style table with an older man and a woman. I saw they had lanyards around their necks and so assumed they were at the Tony Robbins seminar too. I typically refrain from striking up conversation with random strangers, especially when I’m exhausted and just want to enjoy a quiet dinner with Roz, but for some reason I felt compelled to override my default setting and chat to them. I asked them if they were enjoying their time at the seminar and about their take on the day. After a few minutes of chatting, the man shared with us that he was actually a close friend of Tony’s! He whipped out his phone and showed us some photos of him and Tony at Tony’s original UPW and Date with Destiny seminars that were held at Tony’s house in Del Mar back in the day. They both looked insanely young. It was SO CRAZY! It just goes to show you that possibilities to meet interesting people or do exciting things are on every corner when you open yourself up to those opportunities. Default behaviors and patterns are great for developing healthy habits or operating at optimal efficiency when it comes to work and getting sh*t done, but it’s important to make sure we evaluate our default settings from time to time, especially when it comes to our relationships and the way in which we interact with each other.


Unleash the Power Within – Day 4

After getting our first solid night’s sleep we were ready for the final day. I’m not going to go into a ton of detail here, but overall I will say Day 4 was slightly disappointing. I understand upsells, we use them, most businesses do, but it got to be a little too much. Of course, you get what you put in, and hearing Mike and Siri talk again was phenomenal, even if there was another sales pitch in there for Business Mastery. Tony’s videos on Health and Vitality were solid and got Roz and I fired up to learn more about acidic foods, cut back on coffee consumption, and eat less meat.

The day was filled with a lot of videos of past seminars, some of Tony, and a great one from Wim Hof, someone I had heard of through Tim Ferriss and wanted to learn more about. I loved his video and really loved his breathing technique and will definitely be look into more from him in the future. It is truly amazing to see that even via video, Tony’s ability to capture the live/present audience is there. People were responding as if he was in the room.

I haven’t talked a lot about the priming exercises we did throughout the days of the event. They were all great but the final mediation exercises with Master Co were incredible. Master Co probably put me in the most comfortable and uncomfortable state of the entire weekend! At the end of an incredibly peaceful meditation we had to stare into someone’s eyes for what seemed like an eternity. My first partner was Roz. It was intense and got me feeling very emotional. Then we were told to switch and find someone else. I partnered with a woman in the row in front of us. Have you ever stared into a stranger’s eyes?! It is incredibly difficult! When we were done I gave her a tremendous hug. I think we all felt an overwhelming sense of vulnerability and connection going through this exercise. Something that so many of us are devoid of in the age of smartphone and tablet technology. If it’s been a while since you looked into anyone’s eyes for longer than 10 seconds, then I urge you to go home and find a friend to do this with. Not only will you feel amazing afterwards but you will feel a strong sense of compassion and understanding for others. Give it a go!

At 7pm the seminar was winding up and we had to leave to get to the airport for our flight. I’m not sure if Tony came out again at the end and haven’t heard otherwise. Whether he did or didn’t, I’m sure that everyone left the Convention center in a “beautiful state.”


In Summary

Before going to the Unleash the Power Within event, a few friends had told me I should do this on my own, while a few others said they had gone and enjoyed experiencing it with their significant other. In retrospect, I’m very grateful that we attended it together. It has already changed the way we communicate, and we have a common vernacular that we can use with one another – “Get in state!”. On our flight home there was a woman who attended with a friend and she was telling me she didn’t know how she was going to explain to her husband what she had been through. No video would do it justice.

We’ve been home a couple weeks now and so far the changes we agreed we would implement are holding strong. We have both done our priming every morning, we have regular dance parties scheduled 3 times throughout the day, we constantly remind each other to “get in state” when life might be testing us, and we listen to each other compassionately a whole lot more.

Just like I tell people about the CrossFit L1, you can find this entire seminar online. Search a bit, piece it together, it’s all out there, but it’s nothing like being there live and in person. Watch the Tony Robbins TED Talk if you haven’t seen it and even check out his documentary on Netflix, “I Am Not Your Guru.” But go to this seminar! If you believe in yourself, have a positive mindset, and live in a beautiful state, good things will happen. It’s not that bad things won’t, but it’s how you look at them that will change.


I highly recommend you attend this event with your partner or a friend, just be ready to let loose and go full-out. Make sure you don’t just share with them though, I think it’s important that you make friendships while you’re there so you have others in your life who can continue to hold you accountable and understand what it is you go through.  There’s no denying that Tony Robbins is a business genius, but I don’t question his desire to help people reach their full potential and genuinely create a better world for us all. Embrace the natural resistance you will feel and this will be a life-changing experience for you. Go to UPW and decide for yourself whether Tony truly is a coaching guru or just another marketing mastermind.


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