11 Healthy Breakfast Ideas On The Go

11 Healthy Breakfast Ideas On The Go

If you struggle to make time to sit down and have a healthy breakfast in the morning then you are not alone! It’s no wonder cereal became such a staple as demands on our time have continued to increase. Pouring your breakfast out of a box takes 20 seconds! So how can a healthy breakfast comprised of real whole foods even begin to compete with that kind of efficiency? Even if you can carve out 10 to 15 minutes to sit and eat something, you often don’t have the luxury of cooking or preparing a full breakfast. So, with time constraints as a major factor for consideration, we’ve put together a list of healthy breakfast options that includes simple recipes that you can easily prep ahead. And of course, because we’re realistic, there’s also a few options that require no cooking or prep at all!

1. Broccoli Cheddar Frittata

Broccoli Cheddar Egg frittata (Instant Pot)

The real secret to making this recipe work for you is to make your frittata big enough so that you have enough to last you at least a few meals. I can tell you I wish I had thought of doing this in an instant pot before I spent 2 days in a row making the exact same meal! Save yourself 20 minutes in the kitchen every morning by making your healthy breakfast in bulk ahead of time. If you don’t have an instant pot, you could easily divvy out your mix into muffin tins and bake in the oven instead (or use your rice cooker like I did). You could also use a deep skillet or cast-iron skillet to bake in the oven as well. I love the versatility of this breakfast as you can easily make it lower in fat (switch out some of the eggs for egg whites) or add in sausage to make this even more keto-friendly.

2. Blueberry Flax Yogurt Bowl

I know we don’t all have the luxury of time first thing in the morning, but once I realized how much of a difference having breakfast made to my day, its developed into a sacred morning ritual. So I make sure I make time for it and make time for me. It sets my day off with the right tone to enjoy my food unrushed and to start the rest of my day feeling fueled and energized. So once I’m up, dressed & the dogs and dishes have been taken care of, I take the time I need – which really isn’t long – to sit down and enjoy my morning coffee with a delicious breakfast yogurt bowl. Again, this is an incredibly versatile option and takes less than 5 minutes to make. Just use greek yogurt as your base and add any kind of fruits, nuts & seeds to pack out the nutrient density profile.

3. Panera – Avocado Egg White & Spinach Roll

Avocado Egg White Spinach healthy breakfast

This is a great breakfast option for all including vegetarians! There’s a good mix of healthy, satisfying fats and a decent amount of protein which will both keep you feeling fuller for longer. While you might be a little apprehensive about the carbs you don’t need to be. Having your carbs with protein and fat allows them to be digested more slowly, keeping your blood sugar levels stable. This healthy breakfast should keep you going through to lunch! Check out some of our other healthy food finds at Panera.

4. Subway – Steak Egg White & Cheese Flatbread

Steak & Egg white flatbread (no cheese)

Getting your protein in at breakfast doesn’t have to be a challenge if you’re having to grab something on the go. Customize Subway’s standard Steak Egg & Cheese flatbread for egg whites and no cheese, to halve the fat content and reduce sodium by almost 200mg. Add a little spicy brown mustard if you like a little extra kick. Check out more of our favorite, healthy Subway finds.

5. Birthday Cake Overnight Oats

birthday cake protein oatmeal

If you’re a fan of cake batter than you’re gonna LOVE this protein packed jar of oatmeal. Prepare it the night before so you can have it for breakfast even when your morning’s hectic. This is so tasty and filling, it makes a great late night treat too! Now there’s no reason not to enjoy cake every day – hey, it’s somebody’s birthday somewhere! 😉

6. Flourless Banana Oatmeal Muffin

These gluten free banana oatmeal muffins make a perfect snack anytime of day. I love them pre-workout! They are flourless, and can be made dairy free with a few substitutions. If you’re anything like me, you enjoy having a homemade baked good every once in a while. But most recipes yield 12-24 servings which I don’t always want sitting on my counter tempting me! 👀  The idea of a single serving mug-muffin is a great solution, and even more-so when it’s microwavable!

7. Sausage & Egg Muffins

sausage & egg muffin

Yes, you heard me right. You can have the body you want and eat sausage & egg muffins! You might be more accustomed to the golden arch McMuffin variety but at 470 calories & 30g of fat a pop they’re probably not an every day feature – unless you can handle the depressing thought of blowing all your fat macros before midday! So I think you’ll enjoy this paleolow-carb & incredibly macro-friendly alternative a whole lot more – you’ll certainly be able to eat a whole lot more of them!

8. Kodiak Cakes Protein Muffins

Kodiak cakes protein muffins healthy breakfast

Need a quick healthy breakfast on the go? These Kodiak Cakes make-ahead protein muffins are the answer to your morning time-crunch issues!  Whip up a batch of 12 muffins in 20 minutes – 5 minutes prep, 15 minutes cook time! – and enjoy them all week long!

9. Start Right Waffle Slidershealthy breakfast sausage slider

These turkey sausage and egg white waffle sliders are a super quick breakfast for when you’re in a bind and you haven’t done any meal prep. They’re reasonably low in carbs and fat but have a decent serving of protein to help fill you up! I highly recommend stashing these in your freezer as your “back-up” breakfast go-to. If you’re not a fan of egg whites or need a little more fat to get you through the morning then they also come as sausage and egg sliders.

10. Red’s Breakfast BurritoHealthy breakfast burrito

Another great frozen food staple for those mornings where you’re really under the thumb. I’m not usually a big fan of frozen burritos because I have not found them to be wholly satisfying or filling in the past. But Red’s seem to be changing the game and do a great job at providing a tasty package of turkey sausage, cheese and eggs – that come from cage free chickens – that does keep you feeling satisfied. If you need a little extra you can always add some fruit on the side to up your carbohydrate intake.

11. Chocolate Almond Protein Smoothie

healthy breakfast Chocolate almond butter protein shake

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include some kind of smoothie or protein shake on this list. Perhaps one of the most efficient ways to make your breakfast and take it on the go. The beauty of the smoothie is that you can slowly sip away at it – instead of slugging it back in 30 seconds – during your morning commute to the office, or while you’re quietly getting on with your work at your desk. I told you, I’m a realist! As much as I’d love for you all to enjoy your meals in 15 minutes of peace and tranquility, I realize that simply might not be a possibility. So, embrace the morning smoothie routine! A renewed (refurbished) vitamix is a great consideration if you want to save about $70, or the nutribullet is an even more economical solution that makes clean-up a breeze too.

We hope you enjoy these suggestions! Did we miss any that you like to have on the regular as part of your quick and efficient morning routine? Comment below and let us know your favorites!

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