Bulletproof Coffee Recipe – How to make it & why you’ll love it!

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe – How to make it & why you’ll love it!

Starting your day with a bulletproof coffee is like the adult equivalent of a chocolate milkshake for breakfast – without the disastrous effects of a sugar crash! Not only is this creamy and highly caffeinated cocktail delicious, but it energizes you, stimulates metabolism, boosts focus & improves your brain function! No wonder it’s called “bulletproof coffee”. In today’s world, everyone is trying the next big thing or some sweet hack that will make your life better. Well we have found it when it comes to coffee. This caffeinated concoction of butter, MCT oil, and espresso gives you a decent dose of healthy fats and a slow roll of caffeine that will keep you energized and your mood boosted all morning long. There are some claims that putting butter in your coffee can even lead to weight loss.


How to Make Bulletproof Coffee

Apparently the creator, David Asprey, found the recipe for what’s also been dubbed “Keto coffee”, while hiking in Tibet. While you can bring your own flair or “flavor” to it, bulletproof coffee typically starts with your favorite cup of black coffee, two tablespoons of grass-fed butter, which is high in Omega-3s and vitamins, and two tablespoons of MCT oil (medium chain triglyceride). The end result is a high-fat cup of heaven.

Personally, I use only one tablespoon of butter (Kerrygold unsalted) and a teaspoon of MCT oil which helps keep the overall fat in check at about 15 grams.

You can check out how I make it in the video below, but it’s really quite simple:

  1. Brew your coffee as normal – we like to make americano style coffee with our Breville Espresso Machine.
  2. Measure your MCT oil – I do 5 grams
  3. Measure your butter – I do 14 grams/1 tablespoon
  4. Throw it in your blender – the ninja nutribullet is perfect for this
  5. Enjoy!



Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee

Many claim that this creamy, coffee cocktail is great for weight loss. I love it because it gives me sustained energy in the morning, tastes delicious and keeps me full for hours! It basically helps me skip breakfast so I have one less meal to think about preparing each day! I literally get excited for it every morning when the alarm goes off. If you’re into intermittent fasting or skipping the odd meal here and there, then you should definitely give bulletproof coffee a go.

It should be noted, if you are going to give this a try, start slowly, and be sure you don’t drink it within an hour of your workout. That much fat first thing in the morning could have you running for the bathroom!

Advocates of the drink include Shaielene Woodley, Jimmy Fallon, and Shaun T (creator of the Insanity workout series), who uses the coffee as part of his “Wild Diet” regime. Whether you’re following the Keto Diet, paleo, or implementing your own nutritional regime, most people swear by the benefits of having a buttery coffee every day:

  • The hit of caffeine you get from a regular cup of coffee is usually the last thing your body truly wants. It actually causes a spike in stress hormones to be released which only adds to the metabolic demands faced daily by our bodies. Yup, your morning cup of Joe is ADDING stress to your day. By mixing butter and MCTs into your coffee you slow down that surge of caffeine, allowing your body to enjoy a gradual and steady boost of energy that lasts all morning long and keeping stress hormones to a minimum.
  • If you struggle with food cravings, then starting your day with a good dose of healthy fats can help minimize those cravings as fats facilitate the transportation of important hormones that help our bodies to feel more satiated. Feeling more satiated is incredibly beneficial when you might be in a caloric deficit for weight loss purposes.
  • MCTs are saturated fatty acids which are more easily digested by the body. They are purported to improve your gut health & brain power, suppress hunger and even boost your energy for a workout.


Can You Drink Bulletproof Coffee Daily?

Some reports claim that a daily cup of bulletproof coffee, although perfectly safe, may not be the best for your health when consumed daily because it lacks essential vitamins and nutrients that you might otherwise get from a well-balanced breakfast. Well, when you consider what breakfast looks like for the average American, I think we can safely say that skipping your usual, highly-processed or sugary breakfast and replacing it with healthy fats, is not going to adversely effect your nutrient intake.

Standard american breakfast vs bulletproof coffee


In addition, if you’re tracking your food intake – which we highly recommend – then you can easily see that your bulletproof coffee routine is eating into your fat intake for the day, whilst leaving you with plenty of carbohydrates. Which means you can choose to eat an abundance of fruits and vegetables to meet your daily carbohydrate goals. So the argument that you’re reducing your nutrient intake by 1/3 each day doesn’t really hold any weight in our world. If anything, starting our day with healthy fats from butter and MCT oil helps prevent us from overindulging in snacks like cookies or ice cream and improves the variety of healthy fats in our diet.

I hope you guys try this recipe. The bulletproof coffee benefits should be enough to convince you (healthy fats, steady energy, sign me up!), but don’t forget that it’s super tasty too! Feel free to experiment and try adding things like spices or even protein powder to really help keep your body feeling full and fueled! If you’ve never tried coffee with butter, then now is the time. You’ll be surprised by how delicious it is, even better than milk or cream. Let me know what you think!


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