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If you’re experiencing a plateau in your flexible eating journey then you might be ready for an advanced nutrition strategy like carb cycling. Carb cycling is entirely possible to do whilst still following our flexible eating program. Thanks to the Premium version of MyFitnessPal it’s easy to customize your macros and set different goals for different days, making carb cycling a whole lot simpler than it used to be!


This book will explain the concept of carb cycling as well as how you can implement it yourself. For ultimate success we recommend this book in conjunction with a coaching call with either Jason or Roz so that you can be confident in your macro goals.

So is carb cycling for you?

Well let’s start with who it’s not for:

  • Pregnant women or women nursing – while managing your overall carbohydrate intake may be beneficial during this time to maximize nutrient dense foods, your overall caloric intake should be higher than normal and steady and consistent to support your growing baby! After 6 months if breastfeeding is well established then you may wish to try this strategy however keep in mind that your overall caloric intake should not be adversely compromised.
  • People who don’t work out – if you’re not currently exercising it’s unlikely that carb cycling specifically will provide you with improved results. If you’ve found that you’ve hit a weight loss plateau, you may be better off calorie cycling as this will help to increase your metabolism and balance hormones that may be suffering from being in a caloric deficit for too long.
  • Anyone underweight – if you’re already underweight then carb cycling is not for you!

So who can stand to benefit?

  • Active/athletic people – It’s an extremely popular short-term strategy among bodybuilders, as it allows them to burn fat whilst also maintaining or building muscle.
  • Prediabetics, those with insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes or someone who’s resistant to weight loss – because after several days of lower carbohydrate intake the body will have burned through its glycogen stores and will rely on stored fat in the form of ketones for fuel.


Chapters in the book include:

Chapter 1 – Carb Cycling and Weight Loss

Chapter 2 – My Experience with Carb Cycling.

Chapter 3 – What is Carb Cycling?

Chapter 4 – How does Carb Cycling work?

Chapter 5 – Carb Cycling Protocols

Chapter 6 – Overview and Conclusion


About the Author


Jason Ackerman is the author of Own Your Eating: The Definitive Guide to Flexible Eating. Jason is a CrossFit L4 Trainer & has over 25 years of experience in the health & fitness industry & has helped thousands of clients lose weight & lead healthier lifestyles.




About the Author


Roz Ackerman is a Precision Nutrition certified nutritionist, CrossFit L1 Trainer & 200 hours trained Yoga Instructor. Roz is passionate about helping women develop a positive body image and transform their relationship with food.






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  1. Kathleen Hothem

    complex info made easy to follow and understand

  2. Robin

    Thanks for the information, appreciate that you did the homework on that. Own Your Eating is working for me as it is and I don’t think it’s necessary to complicate it at this point.

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