Own Your Eating – EP2 – Desert Island

Own Your Eating – EP2 – Desert Island

Cross-dressing, desert-island top picks, wedding songs & sex tapes…It has now become very clear, Jason and Roz have too much fun! What was anticipated to be a 15 minute podcast turned into 45 minutes, of laughs, tears, and knowledge. We know you’re going to love Episode 2 of the Own Your Eating podcast!

Aside from dropping some knowledge, Jason and Roz break down some of the products offered on Own Your Eating and why they created them.

Jason dives further into his “Gun to your Head” blog post, including a story about his cross-dressing neighbor in Albany. Meanwhile Roz reveals her desert island picks and details about their upcoming wedding. Naturally, episode 2 is brought to a close with a discussion about sex tapes!

Overall it’s just another educating, inspiring, and entertaining podcast with Jason and Roz!

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