Own Your Eating On Tour – CrossFit Tamiami

Own Your Eating On Tour – CrossFit Tamiami

Jason & I were lucky to coordinate our seminar debut last Friday night with the fine folk of CrossFit Tamiami in Miami. Clearly they are very dedicated to their health and fitness to have signed up for a nutrition seminar on a Friday night and on cinco de mayo no less!

Actually I think they just really wanted to learn how they could eat more tacos. And who can blame them?!

Jason and I were so excited to be kicking off our Own Your Eating Tour that we didn’t even notice we were wearing the same outfit until we got there…


Fashion faux-pas aside we kicked things off and quickly discovered that our committed group of crossfitters were flexible eating fledglings. This is pretty common at our seminars and it’s actually the way we like it! It makes our experience that much sweeter, being the first people who deliver that life altering piece of news, that you can eat your donuts and have your abs too! It’s like telling a child that Santa Claus really does exist.

Breaking the ice at our seminars is always fun as we have the group reveal their guilty pleasures. We hit it off instantly with our shared affinity for Mojo’s Donuts. Jason and I have had the good fortune of sampling Mojo’s unique array of donuts more than several times. They’re currently in our top five of Best Donuts in the States – it’s still early days on our tour though so we’ll hold off casting an official votes.


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The Slutty Brownie (top middle, and no joke, that’s it’s name) is to die for! But seriously they are ALL delicious.

Joey volunteered to be our guinea pig for the purposes of demonstrating how to use our macro formula and calculate your daily macronutrient goals. As we suspected, Joey (who has a solid build at 6’2″) was under eating. We calculated that he needed to be consuming around 242g of carbohydrates a day to hit his goal weight. He knew right off the bat that he wasn’t eating anywhere nearly that much. It came as no surprise to us and we’re certain it’s the main reason he was struggling to lose weight.

Similarly, some of our ladies found they also weren’t eating enough. We know it’s shocking but we’d say on average about 80-90% of people we come across are simply not eating enough. It’s so contrary to everything we’ve ever been taught about nutrition that we need to eat more to lose weight. But it’s true. Not eating enough is obviously not the only issue, the other major problem being that the macronutrient balance is usually our of proportion. Over consumption of carbohydrates and fat combined with too little protein is a common phenomenon, although typically with CrossFitters coming from a paleo background, carbohydrates tend to be low by recommended standards and fat significantly higher.

After dropping some serious knowledge bombs, our CrossFit Tamiami group thanked us and left smiling ear-to-ear. We’re pretty hopeful we’ve changed some lives and will be greeted with some awesome transformations in the not too distant future.

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If you have a group of people who would like to learn more about nutrition and flexible eating, please submit a contact form through our website to find out more about our seminars and our tour. Our flexible eating methods are all inclusive, for people from all walks of life! Whether you’re a group of yoga teachers or a group of wine and cheese aficionados we can help you enjoy your life’s passions and have the body you’ve always dreamed of.

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