The Own Your Eating Tour is coming to Florida!

The Own Your Eating Tour is coming to Florida!

Want to host Jason and Roz?

Jason & Roz are taking their years of studying, experimenting, nutritional coaching, and macro implementation and going on tour, helping people all over learn how to own their eating with flexible nutrition. The best part is that there is no cost to you! All they need is your location. Your members purchase tickets (Only $25 each!) through and we take care of the rest! Your members get 2 hours of fun and education! We all know how happy people can be when they learn how to eat donuts AND get the abs they want.

Upcoming Florida Dates

Sounds great and all, but what is flexible eating? Just another diet fad? Absolutely not! Check out the video above to learn how we can help your members own their eating, not just for a 30 day challenge, but for life.

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