“Just Tell Me What to Eat!” Macro Cheat Sheet

“Just Tell Me What to Eat!” Macro Cheat Sheet

When you’re a newbie to flexible eating and macros, being told “you can eat anything you want!” sounds like a dream diet come true. And it is! Provided you hit your numbers, you’ve got a license to eat whatever you want, just not everything.

If you’ve never kept a food diary before or if you’re still coming to terms with which macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat) make up some of your favorite foods then this Macro Cheat Sheet will give you a HUGE helping hand when you’re trying to piece together your day.

You’ll use it so often, you’ll want to print this off and stick it to your fridge with one of our motivational macro fridge magnets 😉

If you find you need additional help and inspiration for putting together macro balanced meals then check out our 7 Day Meal Plans. We’ve created 4 different menu styles to suit your tastes! Check out our 4-pack bundle.

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