Life Lessons from the Road – Ellie and Jack

Life Lessons from the Road – Ellie and Jack

“Live, laugh, love.”

I don’t remember the last time I laughed as hard as we did with Ellie and Jack.  We had just taken the picture you see above and if you hadn’t noticed, Roz, Ellie, and I are all smiles and Jack looks like he can’t wait for us to leave.  It still legitimately makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it.

As you may have gathered from my “Life Lesson” blog posts, it was truly about the memories we created and friends we made.  The picture reminds me of what a fun time with had with those two.

The motto of “live, laugh, love” gets thrown around a lot these days.  Whether it’s a hashtag on social media or a cute painting at the art store, or on a hallmark card, it’s something we all strive to do.  Having spent a week with Ellie and Jack, I believe they are two of the few that actually make this motto a reality.

Like many of the people we crashed with, we didn’t know them at all, we had never met in person, but Roz reached out to Ellie and she welcomed us.  We went there when they weren’t home, she left the place unlocked with the only instruction being, make yourself at home, we did.  It should be noted their building has free coffee, so most of the time I was there I was over-caffeinated.

They also clearly love each other, it’s one of those things you just sense, almost palpable.  Having dated and been engaged for nearly six years their marriage is built on a strong foundation.

When Jason asked Ellie, “What’s your favorite thing about Jack?” she responded with, “He loves me for exactly who I am and supports me in everything I do without hesitation.”  That’s love.

We had so much fun with Jack and Ellie that we have plans to go back and visit them soon…hopefully this time Jack will smile in our group picture!

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