Life Lessons from the Road – Jordan

Life Lessons from the Road – Jordan

“Be a part of your community”

Jordan and I have known each other since 1990 when we attended Copper Beech Middle School. I’m pretty sure we didn’t like each other at first, he tells a story of me getting him in trouble in Mrs. Mazzeo’s

Social Studies class. Nevertheless, we became friends, and that friendship has lasted over 25 years.

Like most friendships, we have our periods where life gets in the way but in this day and age of social media, Jordan and I have always at least kept an eye on one another. Knowing he now lived in Atlanta, when our Road Trip was taking us through Georgia, I reached out and he was gracious enough to welcome us into his home.

Jordan gave us his entire basement which was perfect, including our own private bathroom and we had a great time reminiscing about the old days, from high school, to the first gym we worked out at (Jordan was my first workout buddy), to his vegan lifestyle and more. We spent the 4th of July laughing in his living room because it was a downpour outside. We even got him to his first CrossFit workout at CrossFit Identity, a hero WOD nonetheless, RJ.

Jordan keeps himself busy, he always has. I always admired his ability to be a part of so many organizations, even back in high-school, he was involved in so many extra-curricular activities. While we were staying with him, it seemed as though every night he had some sort of meeting, dinner, or social gathering. Jordan was clearly dedicated to his local community and playing an active role in making it better.

You don’t have to be in 10 different organizations like Jordan is, but find your Tribe. For some of us, that’s where we exercise, our local CrossFit affiliate, for others it’s our yoga studio, perhaps your church or temple, or maybe just an online Facebook group with thousands of others that eat like you. Whatever that means for you, take an active role, don’t just show up and leave, make friends, cheer people on, offer advice, like anything in life, we get what we give, the more you can give back to your Tribe, the more your Tribe will give to you.

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