Life Lessons from the Road – Justin and Ashley

Life Lessons from the Road – Justin and Ashley

“Be a real man”

Our stay with Justin and Ashley was so valuable I actually got two major life lessons, Ashley’s of course from the previous post but also from her husband Justin.

Justin can do anything.  I’m convinced of it.

From make a delicious baked ziti, to rewire a camper, to figure out the best route from one point in the country to another, Justin is your man.

It opened my eyes up to a skill set that I believe every man should have the capability of performing.  You see, I’m what might be referred to as a prima dona (hard to believe I know).  I prefer a hotel to a campground and the only tools I owned were from Rogue Equipment.  Our stay with the Drakes opened my eyes.

I’m not a carpenter just yet, but I have tool set, and I’ve hung a few pictures around the house.

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