Life Lessons from the Road – Justin and Ashley

Life Lessons from the Road – Justin and Ashley

“Attack the Day”

Let me begin this lesson with the understanding that Ashley is a complete lunatic, out of her mind.  I of couse say this somewhat

in jest and with a whole lotta love, but the woman doesn’t sleep.

Between running her own business, being in the military (at the time, she is recently retired), working out, being a wife, an amazing mother, and of course tracking her macros, she somehow found time to mentor Roz and I as we started our new venture.

Ashley lives by the motto, “attack the day.”  Which is why regardless of what time she goes to bed, most nights that was afer midnight when we stayed with them, her alarm goes off at 5am (or earlier).

Most days start with a either a workout at her CrossFit or a Cycle Bar class, both of which she is very competitive. You’d think that was the hardest part of her day, but she doesn’t slow down, she works hard at her numerous jobs, makes sure dinner is ready for her family, shuttle Ellie from activity to activity, and never seems to tire.  To be honest, now that I think about it, I can’t be certain she’s human.

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