Life Lessons from the Road

Life Lessons from the Road

As many of you know, Roz and I hit the road this past June for the first official “Own Your Eating” road trip. ┬áThis little adventure was one of the most fun, crazy, adventurous, and at times stressful things I have ever done.

Roz and I learned so much, and not just how to back up an RV, which she will tell you, I never truly learned, but some real life lessons.

These posts are meant to celebrate those life lessons and more importantly, the people who taught them to us.

When we set off in our Subaru and Happier Camper we thought we’d be changing people’s lives through the power of macros, gaining control of their nutrition. Turns out, we were the ones who’d be having our lives changed.

My goal was to write a book about this, but I think I have late onset ADHD and sitting down to write a second book just isn’t happening at this moment. ┬áMy 2018 goal is to write more and I thought turning each of these lessons into a blog post would be a little more digestible for me (pun intended) and if it turns out ok, maybe one day I can complete them into a book.

Until then, I look forward to sharing these stories with you.

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