MyFitnessPal – Mistakes You’re Making with Tracking

MyFitnessPal – Mistakes You’re Making with Tracking

We get this a lot from clients “This just isn’t working for me! I’m logging my food, I promise I’m tracking everything but I’m just not getting any results! I think we need to change my numbers!”

We get it, you’re frustrated. You feel like you’re doing everything right but really you’re sabotaging your own progress without even realizing. Remember, there’s no such thing as an unsinkable ocean liner! So instead of thinking that you’re a Macro Master and know everything there is to know about MyFitnessPal, let’s take a look at the 8 most common mistakes people make with tracking.

  1. Eyeballing
  2. Not tracking beverages, sauces or bites!
  3. Logging the wrong food
  4. Picking the lowest calorie option every time
  5. You chase calories instead of macros
  6. Waiting to log your food till later
  7. You track exercise and MFP adjusts your macros
  8. Entering your weight in the wrong spot

Now maybe you’re looking at this list thinking, “I don’t do any of these things!” or maybe you’re looking at it and thinking “Oh, crap! I’m guilty of 1 through 8!” Well, whichever category you fall into, you can stand to learn something from our in-depth post on these common user errors.

Check it out in full here, and then post in the lifestyle group! Did you used to be an “eyeballer” before religiously weighing everything? If so what difference did it make to your life and your results? We want to hear from you! Share your experiences with your community so we can all learn from each other!


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