Hitting your numbers. What does that mean?!

Hitting your numbers. What does that mean?!

People can get really neurotic about hitting “triple zeroes” – three zeroes signifies that you have eaten all of your food for the day and reduced your macronutrient goals perfectly to zero. We’re not knocking that that’s an awesome achievement! But don’t stress yourselves out about it because it’s really not necessary. When we use the term “hit your numbers” what we really mean is be within a range of 5 grams for each macronutrient. If you want to fine tune that and bring each one closer to zero, then more power to you.

One way to really dial in those numbers is to have macro-dominant foods on hand. Foods that are made up of primarily one macronutrient.

You can download our Macro dominant foods list.

Here are some quick examples for you:

Protein – Chicken, Turkey, Shrimp, Fat-Free Cottage Cheese, Protein Powder

Carbs – Fruit, Potatoes, Rice, Candy

Fat – Oil, butter

The whole premise of what we do, what we teach, and what we love is simplicity and sustainability, so remember your long-term goals. Hitting triple zeroes will not take you there, hitting your numbers on a consistent basis for a length of time will.  If reading a 0-0-0 at the end of the night is too much stress for you, don’t do it, track, be consistent, and you will be successful!


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