Competing in CrossFit – The Ins & Outs of Training, Nutrition & Mindset [Podcast EP 69]

The Fall CrossFit Open is just 56 days away and for many this might be your first opportunity to truly “compete” in the sport of CrossFit. Whether you plan to take part in the Open, an upcoming in-house competition or a local 2-day CrossFit event, you’ll want to get the low-down on how to best prepare yourself for an enjoyable and unforgettable experience! Join us on this hour long podcast episode as Roz, Keirstein and Mags talk all about their recent performance competing in CrossFit at FN Thunderdome 2019.

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Cultivating a Positive Mindset & Building Confidence [Podcast FFT EP1]

As part of our mission to bring you even more valuable content on all things related to leading a healthy lifestyle, this episode is the first in a new series under the Own Your Eating Podcast called “Food for Thought”. Or FFT for short. Each episode will be quick and to the point and probably under 20 minutes. The perfect length for you to enjoy while you stretch or have your quiet time on the throne. Hit us up if you have a conversation starter you’d love to hear our thoughts on!

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How To Stay On Track Whilst Eating Out

Eating out is often thought of as a quick, convenient and enjoyable experience. Restaurants provide an environment where you can relax in the company of good friends and appreciate a delicious meal. Despite this, eating out can be a major source of anxiety and discomfort for many of us. Why? Well a huge number of us struggle with keeping our weight in check. Because of this, many subscribe to a life-long dieting mindset and worry about staying on track when eating out. When faced with huge portion sizes, alcohol, peer pressure, overly salted or sugary foods, is it any wonder why?

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