Own Your Eating – EP 19 Real Talk with Taylor

Own Your Eating – EP 19 Real Talk with Taylor

Taylor posted this in the Own Your Eating Tribe

“Ok, real talk. I’ve been way busier and on-the-go than usual and I can tell my tracking has slipped big time. I’m exhausted because I’m not balanced.

I know it, but continue to start the day off great and then fall into temptations because I’m tired or starving or both. Ha! Maybe my numbers need adjusted or reset or something?!? I’ve been up and down lately – on tracking, that is – so I don’t think going off my “current” numbers makes sense. What would you guys recommend?”

Upon reading this, Jason reached out and said…”we need to chat.” The only caveat was it was going to be recorded and Taylor was in.

We all have our macro ups and downs, hopefully as you listen some of what Taylor and Jason talk about resonates with you!

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