Own Your Eating Tour – CrossFit M.D.I.

Own Your Eating Tour – CrossFit M.D.I.

On Saturday June 3rd, we set the wheels of our Flexible Eating tour in motion. Putting the Subaru to the test with it’s first road trip, we left the house early morning, armed with our post-workout protein and a playlist of podcasts and tunes to enjoy on our 3 and 1/2 hour journey. Our destination?

Orlaaaaaaandooooo! Home of CrossFit M.D.I. (Motivation Dedication Inspiration) aka Adult Disney, and it’s fearless leader Luis Lopez, Jason’s brother from another mother, aka ”
Quadzilla“. Just take a look at those monster thighs!

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Clearly Luis has earned the rights to his nickname! Contrary to what you might think though and fortunately for Luis’ mother, he wasn’t born this way! He had to work damn hard to get those quads of steel!

In the past few years, Luis has successfully battled with his own nutrition, having weighed 270lbs. at his heaviest and 150lbs. at his lightest. Luis now maintains a muscular & healthy weight of 170lbs. Listening to Luis’ story about his own struggles with weight, how he came to run and own a CrossFit affiliate and how he juggled his ongoing education with the demanding schedule of being a trainer, DJ and family man, it became apparent that Luis puts the motivation, determination and inspiration in CrossFit M.D.I. This thought was only compounded when most of the seminar participants admitted to being there because Luis had simply told them to come – if only I can get this kind of a response when I ask Jason to do the dishes!

We made it to the box just in time to see Luis & his wife Stephanie going ham finishing up their workout. We love seeing box owners leading by example and enjoying a workout with their members. Watching this dynamic duo we quickly learned that they don’t just work hard, they play hard too!

We had the pleasure of being coached through the midday workout by Luis himself which involved some fun &  elaborate warm-up skills – thank you for the salsa moves that we now plan to include in our wedding dance! 🙂 The class was split into 2 parts, an endurance piece and a metcon which involved quite a bit of running that I was looking forward to but Jason was not too happy about. Jason does not like running!

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Give the workout a go and let us now how you do! I got a time of 9.38 with 80# and Jason got 11.15 with 185#. We were lucky that it was somewhat overcast that day and that members George, Sam & Genesis were there to push us in every round.Thanks for a great workout team!

Although he wasn’t happy about the running, Jason was content with his performance & ecstatic about the prospect of enjoying a large, gooey donut! Luis & Stephanie had surprised us with a box of half a dozen and had done a pretty good job in the selection-making process. The doughnuts came from Valkyrie Doughnuts, a newly established spin-off to Valhalla Bakery, serving up gourmet vegan donuts, donut ice-cream sandwiches and soft-serve gelato! I immediately claimed the S’mores whilst Jason called dibs on the Fruity Pebbles with vanilla frosting. YUM!

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Doughnuts weren’t the only food on offer though. A local food prep and delivery company, Samson’s Kitchen, did a great job at feeding & pleasing the crowd with sautéed sweet potatoes and braised pork. Delish! Thank you for coming guys!

So with our participants well-fed and Jason & I high on endorphins and dopamine, we were all primed to kick off the seminar.

We jumped right in with a visualization exercise and then had everyone share their favorite foods with the group. There was an overwhelming love for pizza in the room! Luis confessed his love for Godiva chocolate cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory and Phil swore there was nothing better in this world than his mom’s mash potatoes.

We had such a blast educating the CrossFit M.D.I community & friends about flexible eating & macros. It doesn’t matter whether you’re vegan or paleo, a weightlifter or a yogini, a nurse or an accountant, you can follow our prescription and incorporate flexible eating into your lifestyle.

Don’t believe us? Just wait till you hear Jason preach the word of macros!

Within an hour of finishing up, some participants were immediately ready to jump on board our macro movement and experiment with fitting treats in to their day.

We love getting tagged in posts like these! It really demonstrates people’s willingness to learn about their nutrition and to trust the process of flexible eating. Of course who wouldn’t want to learn how to live a lifestyle that gives you abs and donuts! 🙂

Thank you so much to our awesome hosts at CrossFit M.D.I.!

We had so much fun with you all. Whether you’re a CrossFitter or not there is certainly something magical about this box and its community – I promise I’m not under the influence of Valkyrie Doughnuts whilst writing this! We can’t wait to come back to Adult Disney next time we’re in town. Until then, keep in touch with us through the Tribe & keep us posted on your journey to Own Your Eating!

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