The things you own end up owning you

The things you own end up owning you

After our seminar at Mighty Warrior CrossFit, Caleb pulled me aside and said, “ok, I have a question for you.” This is very common, almost every night a handful of participants stick around to ask us questions they thought of after the seminar

or didn’t want to ask in a public forum.

However, this wasn’t a typical question.

Caleb starting by telling me that he was fascinated with “tiny living” which was a bit amusing because this guy was a monster.

His question was, “what about possessions?”

It caught me off-guard, I responded with, “what do you mean?”

Caleb clarified, “what’s it like just living without possessions, you don’t really have the room or space for anything?”

Until that moment, I really hadn’t thought about it. I had just gotten used to living with what we had on us. We really only spend money on food, mostly donuts 😉 but we hadn’t bought any “thing” since we left the house and we haven’t longed for it either.

It’s quite freeing.

It turns out you don’t really need much. If I wake up every day, get a chance to exercise, spend some time with Roz, and hit my numbers I go to bed quite content. If anything, I realize I need less. Our small camper has way more than we need. We have both agreed that next tour we need to take substantially less with us.

I think people use “assets” to fill some voids. I realize that’s a pretty general statement. It’s not bad or evil to want the newest iPhone or a new car, but I’d certainly encourage you to ask yourself:

Why do you want this?

Will it make you happy?

Will it make your life easier?

At what cost does it come?

The last being perhaps the most important. Meaning, how many hours will you have to work to afford it?

Could you have done something different with that time?

This isn’t meant to be some long rant or to change your life. Just sharing some of what I am learning on the road…besides how to eat donuts!

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