Transformation Tuesday – Amanda Benson Grieve

Transformation Tuesday – Amanda Benson Grieve

The reason I got started was because My weight consumed my every thought. These thoughts took up my energy, it gave so much mental pain and sadness. These thoughts and feelings where not in a vain sense. I was physically and emotionally

uncomfortable because I knew there was so much more to what it means to truly live life. I got started to set myself free really.

Oh gosh I have noticed so many changes. From having high blood press on daily medication to having amazing BP and off the medication. From night sweats to none, from losing my hair to not. From the scale reading 225 to 130. From going from a size 16 to a 4. From having to wear spandex to not needing them!

I still have many obstacles I’m working on. One is not staying consistent. And the biggest one and an elephant in the room is binge /closet eating. These are the set backs that hit me the hardest and if I let them put me into a downward spiral.

One piece of advice I would give someone getting started is a mantra. Just for today. I can do anything just for today. Sometimes on the hard days I have to say. Just for this hour, minute, second. But just for right now I can ….
I use this a lot bc the past We can’t change. Tomorrow We have no idea what is going to happen. But today. This moment I have control. I have control to make it great.

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