Transformation Tuesday – Becky Macar

Transformation Tuesday – Becky Macar

When did I start Flexible Eating?

September 2016

What prompted me to start?

The owner of my box presented the information to us. I had been trying so many different
ways of eating (Paleo & Whole30 most recently, you are on crack if you think you can sustain Whole 30…lol)

and was very frustrated. I was intrigued by the ability to track and
know exactly what I should be eating. I thought I would give it a shot because it seemed like
it was something I could continue to do without feeling like I was always denying myself
certain items or food groups.

Changes in my body?

I started at 142# and I am 116# today – I have been 116# for months, you reviewed my number approx. 1 month ago and added, I feel like we could add some more – THIS IS SOOOOO SUSTAINABLE!!!! I have a six pack!! I don’t have an ounce of fat any where on my body!!! I am stronger and I climb the rope legless now. I have had 2 PRs just this week – Front Squat and Bench. I have gone from a size 8 to a size 2. My blood work is incredible – my doctor said he never sees anyone with numbers like mine!!! I have been doing crossfit for almost 3 years and I knew I had muscle in there some where, now I can see it…..all of it!!! I could go on all day!!


I really haven’t had any, this process has truly been life changing for me. I am no longer afraid of food or what I will do after I lose the weight to maintain my loss. I have never had a lot to lose I just always knew that 18 year old body was under there some where and I found it at 52 thanks to you Jason! I think my body is fighting me a little with the Menopause thing but it’s okay because I find my strength in my daily numbers – my macros – I just stay on the course and it gives me positive vibes, a plan.

What advice?

Just freaking do it! Change your life – don’t wait til you are 52 like I did. Jason, Roz and this program are a gift, buy it for yourself and don’t look back!

Thanks again Jason and Roz for your knowledge! Sharing that knowledge through love is the best part of this gift. I have never been involved in anything associated with social media that has remained so positive and kind. There aren’t words to express the gratitude I feel!

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